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  • Meet The Maker: Lumira

    March 09 2017

    Meet The Maker: Lumira (Almira Armstrong)   One of the greatest things about being a small business is that we can have real relationships with not only our staff and...

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  • Meet The Maker: L'ASCARI

    September 21 2016

    You're shopping online, you purchase a beautiful Elderberry Candle or maybe even the Old Oak Tree, it arrives to your house, you light the candle and your senses are engulfed...

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  • Meet The Maker: St Agni

    August 23 2016

    A space the country should keep both eyes on is St. Agni.  Founded in their Byron Bay home two years ago, Lara and Matt are the faces behind the beautiful,...

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  • Meet The Maker: SOH

    May 31 2016

      This week we got to chat to Kristine - one half of the talented couple behind Melbourne based fragrance house Scent of Home (SOH).      Founded by Kristine...

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  • Meet The Maker: Munio Candela

    May 06 2016

      One of our favourite brands here at The Candle Library HQ is Munio Candela that have reached our shores all the way from Latvia. We were lucky enough to...

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  • Meet The Maker: Blushing Confetti

    May 03 2016

      Blushing Confetti is a fun, stylish stationary brand from sunny Brisbane. Run by husband and wife duo Ellen and Nathan (Mr Blushing as Ellen affectionately calls him), we love...

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  • Meet The Maker: Hand In Hand

    March 23 2016

      This week we were lucky enough to get the inside knowledge on one of our favourite suppliers, Hand in Hand.   Based out of Philadelphia, Hand in Hand was...

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  • Meet The Maker: The Candle Library

    March 08 2016

      Having just officially launched our Premium Ceramic range, we thought you would like to get to know a little more about the people behind The Candle Library so this...

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  • Meet The Maker: Wary Meyers

    January 18 2016

      When you combine the artistic mindfulness and acute design awareness of husband and wife team John and Linda Meyers, the result is a quality scented candle range. The range...

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  • Meet The Maker: Alchemy Produx

    November 17 2015

      This week, Meet The Maker takes us back to the school chemistry lab with Alchemy Produx.   Alchemy (AL-KER-MI), noun.           - Any magical power or process of transforming...

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  • Meet The Maker: P.F. Candle Co.

    October 28 2015

      We are delighted to introduce our good friends at P.F. Candle Co. who produce quality, small batch soy wax candles from a warehouse studio in LA.      From...

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