Meet The Maker: Hand In Hand


This week we were lucky enough to get the inside knowledge on one of our favourite suppliers, Hand in Hand.


Based out of Philadelphia, Hand in Hand was founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Bill Glaab and Courtney Apple who share a passion for helping others and are active volunteers. Upon learning the shocking statistic that 5 million children die from water-related illness every year, over 65% of which could be prevented by the simple act of washing hands with soap, Bill and Courtney were compelled to act and started a ‘social business’ which is cause-driven and addresses social needs to enable societies to function more efficiently:


“…The idea for Hand in Hand was born with the mission to “buy a bar, give a bar”. Over the years, the business grew to expand to more products and fragrances and in 2013, Hand in Hand dug it’s first well and started donating 30 days of clean water, as well as a bar of soap, for every product sold”


So far, all of their efforts and donations have been focused on Haiti that is still recovering from the devastating Earthquake in 2010.


Hand in Hand are committed to upholding the moral and ethical principles behind what their brand stands for, with particular emphasis on children, animals and the environment:


“We focus our donations in orphanages, produce vegan products that are never tested on animals and are a palm-oil free company!”


Since the first Hand in Hand seeds were sown, the company has been entirely palm oil free. This is a stance they have taken due to the devastating effects the industry has on the environment however, it is here that the hardest ethical challenge lies:


“…Palm oil is used in almost everything, it is easy to access and it is cheap. We have to get creative and seek out ingredients that are not only good for people, but also harvested in a way that’s good for the environment."


The logistics of running a successful social business are mind-boggling, not only do you have to develop a great brand and product tat will sell but you need to deliver on your charitable goals at the other end:


“Making sure you have a great non-profit partner who you trust is key to running a successful social business. We have been lucky to find a wonderful partner in My Neighbor’s Children ( who has been working in Haiti for the past 20 years and is our eyes and ears on the ground when we aren’t there.”


Hand in Hand products are beautifully hand crafted and designed to indulge your body in relaxation luxury. The scents are soft and subtle and are inspired by special memories kept by the Hand in Hand team:


“A personal favorite is our new Coral which is a blend of bergamot, sweet orange and fresh ginger. It reminds us of summer trips to the shore, spending time with friends & family.”


Their candles are housed in charmingly illustrated packaging, each with its own unique story:


“Courtney is our Creative Director and the visionary for the brand. She works closely with our illustrator to create the beautiful scenes you find on our packaging. Each illustration tells a story about the scent profile and each contains water (as a nod to our water donation)…our illustrator is the wonderful Emma Block. Follow her in Instagram (emmablockillustrations) to see more of her beautiful work!”


What is on the horizon?


“We have lots of great new things coming this year! Up next we are working on our Holiday 2016 collection and adding more products into our new Coral fragrance. There are also some exciting opportunities coming up, but you’ll have to keep in touch to find out what they are! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at @handinhandsoap”.


Hand in Hand is a truly unique, altruistic and inspiring company that is not only ethically sound but provides a channel for those more fortunate to help those that are really in need. To be part of it you can shop the full collection here.