Meet The Maker: Alchemy Produx


This week, Meet The Maker takes us back to the school chemistry lab with Alchemy Produx.


Alchemy (AL-KER-MI), noun.

          - Any magical power or process of transforming a common substance into a substance of value.


Alchemy Produx is the brain child of Melbourne based duo Sara and Tristan and, as the dictionary definition suggests, their creations transform regular glass chemistry apparatus into quality, hand-poured, 100% natural soy wax candles.


Who would of thought that combining backgrounds in fashion design and chemistry would result in a successful candle making company? However, Sara’s design and creative talents are clear to see in Alchemy Produx unique packaging and inspired scents.


“I have always been creative, but I never thought I would turn out to own a candle company. I originally studied and worked in fashion design and was making candles as a hobby to burn around the home. My partner Tristan, who is a Chemist brought a beaker home from the lab one day and suggested I pour a candle in it. This was the beginning of Alchemy Produx. Being creative at the Alchemy P studio is my favourite job, I love designing new packaging artwork and coming up with new ranges.”


Sara founded Alchemy Produx in 2011, however the pivotal moment occurred 2 years ago when she consciously made that leap from treating candles as a hobby on the side of a full-time occupation, to exclusively focussing on her candle business. The catalyst to this change was discontent in her occupation at the time and rebalancing the work/life scales in favour of the latter.


“I didn't create Alchemy Produx the business to make millions of dollars or for world domination, I created it so I could go to work everyday with like-minded creatives and enjoy what I do. Tristan (my partner) is joining the Alchemy team in 2 weeks, I am sure this will be another successful turn in our journey.”


These candles certainly enhance the modern space, aesthetically conveying the intricate balance of science-chic and novelty, while filling your home or office with their seductive fragrance.


There is a definite juxtaposition between the chemical fumes you might associate with a chemistry lab and the citrusy, green aromas crafted by Sara and the team.


“I draw inspiration from botanical and herbal fragrances, I try to imagine day spa's and nice hotel lobbies. I am mad about citrus fragrances and this really shows in our range, which consists mostly of citrus blends. I am very fussy about fragrance and believe I have tried and turned down hundreds over the years.”


So, with summer fast approaching, we all want to know which scent will best accompany those warm evenings, when the sun lingers in the sky a little longer.


“Our latest fragrance is ‘Australia’, this is my absolute favourite scent, especially for summer. This fragrance reminds me of the Australian native bush and has top notes of citronella and balsam fir, with bottom notes of native floras. Slightly fresh with hints of floral and citrus.”


Hand-poured into clear (or black) glass beakers and conical flasks, then packaged in a sturdy, cylindrical cardboard box with sketched artwork, Alchemy Produx candles are one of a kind and are an essential addition to your candle collection.


Once the candle burns out, these vessels can be put to use as handy kitchen utensils or a useful addition to your home brewing kit to name but a few.


And… the excitement does not stop there; we will soon be stocking Alchemy Produx new Metallic range, adding an industrial shine to one of our favourites here at The Candle Library HQ.

(Image: Alchemy Produx)