Meet The Maker: Munio Candela


One of our favourite brands here at The Candle Library HQ is Munio Candela that have reached our shores all the way from Latvia. We were lucky enough to get to know the makers behind this distinctive brand of candles.


“The Munio Candela brand was created in 2008 by me, Elīna Čima and Ieva Dexter. I looked after the development of the brand and international promotion, Ieva was responsible for the USA and Canadian markets. Now I manage the Riga studio together with my sisters Laura and Liene and our marvellous team.”


The pillar candles made by Munio Candela are decorated with native herbs, spices and flowers that give them a raw beauty and unique aesthetic.


“I live in a magical place – Latvia, which is the greenest country in the world. Here we have four distinct seasons, forests, meadows and the sea. It’s our nature that is the primary source of inspiration.”


It is clear from her candle products that Elīna has a true understanding of what a candle can bring to a space, not just in terms of fragrance.


“About ten years ago, when I strated living with my now husband, I started to appreciate the added value of candles. Candles give you light, a fragrance, warmth and add a feeling of cosiness to your space.”


The Munio Candela candles certainly add more than just fragrance to your space – the candle burns down through the middle of the wax pillar, illuminating the decorative native herbs and floras that are cured into the wax.


“Munio Candela, in Latin, means the most emotionally powerful candle. The story of every collection and every candle is very important to me for it is also a story about my worldview and my country, Latvia. The name of the brand has depth because I see no reason to create just another ordinary candle.”


Now an internationally successful brand, Munio Candela truly started from grass roots.


“In the beginning I had no intention of creating a candle business. In my previous job in a café, we needed high quality candles that wouldn’t drip and would burn for a long time. That’s how the first experiments in my own kitchen started. My husband still mentions the ruined pots and bowls from time to time! In the beginning, it was my close family who couldn’t believe that it was serious and that the brand would become my main activity. This period ended with the first trade show in Japan.”


To us at the edge of The World, Latvia seems like a distant, mysterious and magical kingdom of great beauty and it is the natural environment of Latvia that Elīna and her team capture and reflect in their candles as well as a touch of urban culture.


“I am very close to the sea for I spent all my childhood summers in a small fishing village by the Baltic Sea. We have clean air and every fragrance created by nature in the forests and meadows can be clearly smelt. In part, this is what has influenced my choice of aromas for Munio products.”


“The other major influence on my feeling for aromas is the wide world for I really like to travel, especially to the world’s greatest cities. In Munio Candela products you will find a mixture of something refined, together with something rough and coarse, just like my worldview where the green nature of Latvia sits very comfortably with a great metropolis.”


When not pouring candles, Elīna is a busy mum of three and somehow still finds time for herself!


“I have three sons. When I get home, I exchange my lovely high heeled shoes for some comfy sneakers and can barely keep up with the energy of my men. In a quieter moment, I delight in being able to read a good book. I also like to look for ideas for new Munio Candela products, even in my free time.”


Thanks so much for your time Elīna! You can shop the beautiful Munio Candela range here.