• The Candle Club: May

    May 18 2017

    The Candle Club is a (not so) secret of society of people who adore the world of luxury fragrances & beautiful vessels.  They are also people who love receiving an...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Ruby Matthews

    May 14 2017

    Mums come in all shapes and sizes, and today we are speaking to the beautiful Byron Bay based model and super mum Ruby Matthews.   Ruby has a history of...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Alex Etherington

    May 13 2017

    This week we are paying extra appreciation to all the super mums in the world! Today we are shining a world deserved spotlight on mother of two and business owner,...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Paloma Garcia

    May 12 2017

    As we turn another page of The Mum Diaries, we uncover the story of another incredible woman.  Paloma Rose Garcia is a Sydney based, award-winning hairdresser, super mum and a...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Leila Stead

    May 11 2017

    "I love that motherhood is always forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone, I love that it is always teaching me more things about myself than I would...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Lizzie Renkert

    May 10 2017

    Today in The Mum Diaries, we are chatting to a remarkable woman about her children, and how she balances her business We are Kindred with the unpredictability of motherhood. Lizzie...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Amelia Fullarton

    May 09 2017

    One day per year dedicated to mothers just isn't enough - we are spending the entire week celebrating some incredible and inspiring women!  Amelia Fullarton is a fashion and wedding...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Leanne Sexton

    May 08 2017

    Listening to the incredible sacrifice that women go through for motherhood makes me believe that every day should be Mothers Day! So, whether you're holding a cup of coffee or...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Lottie Hall

    May 07 2017

    Allow me to introduce an incredible whom we have an infinite amount of respect and admiration towards, not only for her super mum powers but also her beautiful self-titled...

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  • How to care for your candles

    May 07 2017

    A candle is like the most selfless friend you could ever have.  They let you burn them and cut them.  They provide you with light and beautiful aromas.  Depending on...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Jayde Butterworth

    May 06 2017

    Let's all cheer for the super mums in the world! *Hip-hip-hooray* We were fortunate enough to steal a moment from mother-of-two, Jayde Butterworth to have a chat about motherhood.  Jayde...

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  • The Mum Diaries: Lidia Ferreira

    May 05 2017

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear joggers and tights and carry baby wipes everywhere!  Today we were fortunate enough to chat with mother of one and personal trainer, Lidia...

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  • Introducing: Room Sprays

    April 21 2017

    We are super excited about our newest addition to The Candle Library shelves!  We have just received Room Sprays from P. F. Candle Co. and they are really quite special! These...

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  • Black Fig: The latest scent from P. F. Candle Co.

    April 18 2017

    The Candle Library is the first in Australia to receive P. F. Candle Co's new scent No. 28: Black Fig.  This scent everything you want in a scent and more....

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  • Candle Club - April

    April 18 2017

    The Easter long weekend has just come and gone so quickly! We hope everyone was relaxed, stuffed with chocolate and stocked up with candles after our Easter weekend flash sale!...

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  • Candle of the Month: Dixieland Jazz

    April 01 2017

    How has April arrived already?  We are in the middle of Autumn and all it brings, like the cooling of the weather and the ever anticipated Easter weekend. There are...

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  • Candles to match your interior decor

    March 27 2017

    We don't want to encourage bad habits, but sometimes (just sometimes) it is okay to judge a book by it's cover.  If you have a beautiful space, whether it be...

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  • Candle Club - March

    March 15 2017

    Candle Club: March  Summer is now officially over, the party season is slowing down and perhaps it's time for a little down time.  This month we wanted all our Candle...

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  • Meet The Maker: Lumira

    March 09 2017

    Meet The Maker: Lumira (Almira Armstrong)   One of the greatest things about being a small business is that we can have real relationships with not only our staff and...

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  • International Women's Day

    March 08 2017

    On 8 March each year, there is an international celebration of women.  A day, which highlights the respect and appreciation society has towards women, whether it be their political, social, economic or domestic...

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  • Candle of the Month: Tobacco Flower

    March 01 2017

    Here in Australia, the coming of March is the coming of a new season.  The leaves turn brown and begin to fall from the trees and the temperature starts to...

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  • Romantic Destinations

    February 25 2017

    Everyone knows Valentine's Day has a commercial side, but if you too are a head-over-heels-hopeless romantic, Valentine's Day is the cutest, most heart warming time of year. There is an...

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  • The Candle Club - February

    February 25 2017

    Join our exclusive Candle Club and be part of Australia’s first and only candle subscription service.  You may have noticed that February is "love month" and while you were busy picking...

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  • Date ideas that won't break the bank

    February 01 2017

    The struggle is real when it comes to keeping things interesting.  You need to be careful not to slip into the comfy zone where no effort is put in, but...

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  • Candle of the Month: Hearts on Fire

    February 01 2017

    Don't you just love LOVE? February is host to the most romantic day of the year..Valentine's Day.  Also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine this annual...

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  • New range from Tatine

    January 28 2017

    Dark, Wild & Deep.  This is the new range from the ever-impressive Tatine.   A hypnotic range of rich and intense scents, all poured into frosted white vessels.  This range...

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  • The Candle Club: January

    January 22 2017

    With the Christmas and New Years excitement subsiding you wouldn't be blamed for being extra surprised when your first Candle Club shipment of 2017 arrived at your door! I don't know...

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  • Let's talk about scents, baby.

    January 18 2017

    Let's talk about scents, baby, let's talk about you and me. Ever attended at a dinner party and been highly impressed by your great uncle Gary's extensive knowledge on wine notes? Similar...

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  • Return Gift Ideas

    December 27 2016

    It happens every year, you get unexpected gifts from friends and distant relatives and have nothing to give them in return! Avoid embarrassment and get a return gift pronto! We...

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  • Gift Basket Ideas

    December 22 2016

    Looking for last minute gift box or gift basket ideas? Fill your hamper with delicious nibbles, scented bath products and of course, candles! They are the perfect size to fit...

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  • Making Gift Giving more Exciting

    December 19 2016

    Christmas Gift Exchanges can actually be really fun. We’ve scoured the internetz for some of the best ideas to make gift giving a bit more exciting this year! From your...

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  • The Candle Club - December

    December 17 2016

    As you all know, we carefully select what our Candle Club members receive each month based on the time of year, what is currently trending and the identifying events - which...

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  • Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

    December 13 2016

    School is almost out for Summer! Students aside, it’s high time we give back to our amazing teachers for the hard work they have put in this year. Teachers can...

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  • Christmas in the home

    December 08 2016

    We absolutely love Christmas - every little thing about it.  We could talk for hours on end about what delicious food we are going to cook, what wine we are...

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  • Candle of the Month: Burnt Caramel

    December 01 2016

    This December will be the icing on top of an incredible year.  December is about celebration, family, friends, Christmas, giving, sharing and eating! Caramel is a scent that brings us...

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  • Secret Santa Gifts

    November 24 2016

    Finding Secret Santa gifts can be hard when you’re after something affordable, but not cheap and nasty. Luckily, you have options! We have an awesome range of small but no...

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  • Candles for Christmas!

    November 17 2016

    Out of Christmas gift ideas already? Let us bring you a little extra inspiration. Not only can candles be the perfect Christmas present, they can act as an amazing, delicious...

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  • The Candle Club - November

    November 12 2016

    CAUTION: This blog may create feelings of jealously or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)...But don't worry, you can jump onboard next month's Candle Club shipment and be part of the...

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  • Gifts for your Girlfriend

    November 10 2016

    It’s really no secret; girls love candles. Get a present your girlfriend will actually love…. you can’t go wrong with candles. We promise! Now you’ve made the decision, you’ve now...

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  • Crazy about Copper

    November 09 2016

    The chemical element Copper.  Otherwise known as Cu on the periodic table.  Otherwise known as BEST addition to any room. Copper is trending at the moment, and we have a...

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  • Passionate about Peonies

    November 05 2016

    Passionate about these picture perfect Peonies All of November our Candle of the Month will be PEONY from The Candle Library's New Classics range.  We are completely and utterly obsessed...

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  • Small gifts with big personality

    November 03 2016

    Need help finding small gifts this holiday season? You can definitely give an awesome present on a small budget. We have you covered!  As we approach the giving season, it...

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  • Candle of the Month: Peony

    November 02 2016

    November already?! You guys know what that means? It's time to announce our Candle of the Month! In the last week we have launched our brand spankin' new range, the...

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  • Our favourite spooky films

    October 31 2016

    Halloween might not be a true-blue Aussie tradition, but we do love to dress up, we do love an excuse to celebrate and we do love scary films.  Some of...

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  • Gifts to say Thank You!

    October 27 2016

    Thank you gifts can sometimes be some of the most important presents you will ever give or receive. Gifts to say ‘thanks’ show someone that you appreciate everything that they...

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  • The Candle Library's first birthday!

    October 25 2016

    What a genuinely incredible first year it has been here at The Candle Library.  365 days of researching, creating, sourcing, designing, interviewing, photographing, distributing and enjoying all there is to...

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  • Gifts for Retirement

    October 21 2016

    What to get someone when they’re hanging up their boots? Retirement is a time for putting one’s feet up, sit back and smelling the roses. So why not do exactly...

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  • Flowers for beginner gardeners

    October 19 2016

    Spring is the perfect time of year to start the flower garden you had always dreamed of.  If you are new to the green thumb gang and eager to give...

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