Meet The Maker: P.F. Candle Co.


We are delighted to introduce our good friends at P.F. Candle Co. who produce quality, small batch soy wax candles from a warehouse studio in LA. 



From humble beginnings in 2008, founder Kristen Pumphrey has nurtured her early handmade craft business “Pommes Frites” into a worldwide, luxury candle brand, with the help of husband and business partner Tom Neuberger. Candles came naturally to Kristen, pouring her first candle at the age of 12 and it was in the art of hand pouring candles that Kristen could see a viable business future.

“I used to make a lot of different things, but candles were the things that stuck. I was able to offer a handmade product on a larger scale.” 

What’s in the name? When pronounced correctly, Kristen’s surname sounds very similar to “Pommes Frites” (French Fries) which was adopted as her nickname. On moving to Southern California in 2012 and drawing inspiration from their surroundings, the rebranded P.F. Candle Co. line became the product that we, here at The Candle Library HQ, and countless others across the globe, can no longer live without. P.F Candle Co. has continued to blossom, now with a full team of fellow candle enthusiasts hand pouring, packing and shipping little amber jars of joy from a studio in LA’s Boyle Heights district. 

Whether getting cosy by the fire with a loved one or relaxing on your veranda surrounded by mother nature, P.F. Candles subtly coexist in, and enhance your space. In the early days at P.F Candle Co. it was a case of “hmmm, this smells great” but now, as Kristen explains, creating a scent goes much deeper.

“Now our scents are specifically related to telling a story. Each new addition has a reason why we added it – whether it reminded us of a family member or a trip to the Big Sur. We want a scent to transport you in time and space.”

Allow each scent to lure you in to nostalgia and take you on a journey back in time; a forest trail in California - Neroli and Eucalyptus; a secret lakeside cabin - Teakwood & Tobacco; or a sun-kissed summer meadow - Summer Breeze.

Creating an upstart business without the help of financial loans but with only opportunism and hard work, you have to wonder what this power couple do to relax. 

“We hike, explore downtown LA, and recently we’ve been fixing up the house we just moved in to.”

With Kristen and Tom’s impeccable taste in style and their ability to execute their creative vision, you can only imagine how perfect a home they will create together. However, as you would expect, working closely with your other half can bring its own challenges in the form of separating work from home life.

“Sometimes there are days each life bleeds into the other – whether it’s home life bleeding into work, or our inability to quit talking about business when we go home, haha.”

On asking Kristen what her favourite scent was, I pondered on whether to disclose the response that followed for fear of the other scents suffering neglect from their loyal patrons, but here goes nothing... 

Patchouli Sweetgrass is my favourite. It’s so light, and I normally don’t like patchouli, so it’s unexpected.”

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Made with domestically grown soy wax, fine fragrance oils and cotton core wicks then packaged in an amber, apothecary inspired jar with brass screw lid and an unobtrusive stamped label, P.F. candles reek of authenticity and originality.

And anyway, who doesn’t like French fries?!

(Check out their amazing range available at The Candle Library here P.F. Candle Co.)


(Image: P.F. Candle Co.)