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September 21 2016

Meet The Maker: L'ASCARI

You're shopping online, you purchase a beautiful Elderberry Candle or maybe even the Old Oak Tree, it arrives to your house, you light the candle and your senses are engulfed with the notes the designer poured their heart into.  We want to shed some light back to the people who dedicate their life to creating that moment when you say to your friend "...mmmm, come smell my new candle!" 

We were fortunate enough have Australian designer Luca Chiaravalle from L'ASCARI take some time out of his busy schedule to lend us some insight into a candle designer’s life.


"My name is Luca Chiaravalle and my background is in product design which I studied at Monash University." 


L’ASCARI is one of the beautiful collections that we at The Candle Library proudly supply through our online marketplace. 


Luca explains what is behind the name, L'ASCARI, and looking at their beautiful designs it’s easy to pick up on their design objective of blending traditional artisanal Italy with fresh branding and packaging.

 "The L’ASCARI name dates back to the 11th Century and symbolises courage, honour and nobility.”


We asked Luca what drew him to making candles.

“Most candles on the market did not have a ‘design’ aspect to them so I wanted to change that in terms of the label design and packaging. I also wanted to create a product which was handmade, which reflects the way things were done in the past by skilled artisans.”


We know you're not meant to pick favourite with your 'children' but we asked Luca what his favourite scent was at the moment...

"At the moment my favourite scent is Olive Leaf from the new Travel Candle collection."



If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice when starting up your business, what would it be?

"Don’t wait for everything to be what you think is perfect before you start and it’s ok not to know everything. So in other words, just get started."


Would you consider your brand to be environmentally conscious? If so, in what way?

"Yes, we use only environmentally friendly earth grown soy beans and cotton wicks. Our fragrances are a blend of essential oils and high end perfume grade aromas."

L'ASCARI designs their products with an ethical and sustainable core at the forefront of their minds, and rather than mass-manufacturing they take pride in creating small batch products to ensure each product is as beautiful and perfect as the next.   


We’d love if you could spill the beans on what’s next for L’ascari?

"Sorry, that’s top secret!"

Clever move, Luca - that only makes us want to know even more! Keep em' guessing hey?


What would a normal 24 hours involve for you?

"Get up, coffee, and head to the warehouse. The day would involve a combination of packing orders, designing new products, visiting stockists and tons of emails."


Shop L'ASCARI's range and fill your house with candles that are beautiful on the inside and out!

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