Meet The Maker: Wary Meyers


When you combine the artistic mindfulness and acute design awareness of husband and wife team John and Linda Meyers, the result is a quality scented candle range. The range is accessible to the modern consumer with its stripped back design and packaging whilst upholding the Meyers signature trait of obscurity.


Linda and John started the Wary Meyers brand in Brooklyn where they designed interiors and wrote a column for Time Out New York before leaving the big smoke and heading out west to Portland.


Having always used candles in their interiors as a finishing touch that would give the owner a kind of “signature scent”, the couple embarked on a path of product design trial and error before settling on producing their own range of candles and soaps.


“We’d gone through many ideas of product design, most having to do with furnishings, but each thing ended up being too esoteric for its own good. Since we’d always loved candles, we decided it’d be fun to make a go of them, and we’d still infuse them with a bit of whimsy and esoterica (but not too much- we had a new baby to take care of!)” 


As with any new venture, there were hurdles that needed to be overcome and for Linda and John, it was the intricacy and precision of hand making candles that posed the greatest challenge.


“Figuring out how to make a candle took forever, and thousands of dollars. Testing waxes, wicks, jars, scents, oils- everything. It’s definitely not easy, but we took the time to do it right.” 


The quality that the Wary Meyers candle range exudes is the subsequent outcome of the time and money invested in the candle making process. From the way the wax melts, through to the beautiful aromas that are released, you really get a sense of superiority in the product.


The distinctive logo that appears on the front of the glass vessels and packaging is simple and subtle, yet identifiable.


“That was sort of a “go-to” doodle from John. It appears even on his old 5th grade papers- at times a sun reflecting in the water, a moon over a cloud, or vice versa. I made a denim-patched skirt about 10 years ago and he cut out the same design for the front of it.”


Whether interpreted as a sunrise or sunset, the logo evokes a feeling of escapism, prepping the senses and readying your imagination to take you on a journey elsewhere once the candle is lit.


Escapism is apparent throughout the range and, as Linda explains, taking someone to a different time and place is really at the core of the inspiration behind each scent.


“I love thinking of places when we’re testing new scents- it almost seems like it should be part of the experience of burning a candle- that imaginary trip away. My favorite is Coco Nuit- I think everybody can relate to some sort of suntan oil/cannabis vacation, when the hot day turns to hot night and you didn’t even realize it.”


More precisely, their Mainly Manly candle draws inspiration from the surrounding environment of where the Meyers family live, and they are able to capture and share the essence of their hometown in this one candle.


“Our Mainly Manly candle is more specifically Maine/ outdoorsy (burning wood smoke) but there’s a little mention of a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace which adds a touch of cheek to it.” 


Picture a warm cabin amongst towering trees and meandering forest paths through humbling mountain ranges. For those of you that, like me, have never had the privilege of visiting Maine, Linda sums up her favourite aspects of the place they now call home.


“We love the seasons, the coast, the woods, the birds, the fresh air, the sparse population and that small-town vibe.” 


So, now we know a little more of what’s behind this beautiful brand, the big question is what is the makers favourite scent?


“My favorite is Coco Nuit, John’s favorite is Brasilia. Although we’ve been working on two new ones- a fig/yuzu yet to be named, and a tropical pineapple which John’s in love with and wants to call “Funky Nassau” after the Bahamian reggae song. We’ll see!”


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