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  • Candle Of The Week: Premium Ceramics Range by The Candle Library

    February 22 2016

      The Candle Library is delighted to present its maiden range of scented soy wax candles: The Premium Ceramic range consists of 10 original, unisex fragrances; Dixieland Jazz, Hearts On Fire, In...

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  • Person Of Interest: Amelia Fullarton (Photographer)

    February 16 2016

      Amelia Fullarton is a super human. She surely wears a blue lycra suit under her lose-fit linen shirt. Not only is she a gifted photographer, who is achieving great success...

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  • Candle Of The Week: French Gimlet

    February 15 2016

      This week there is cause for celebration. The Candle Library team is down in Sydney for Life Instyle and although working hard by day, we will be sipping on...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Love That Burns

    February 08 2016

      Here at The Candle Library we love LOVE! In our opinion there is nothing better than butterflies in your stomach and love hearts in your eyes.   To help...

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  • Candle of the Week: Summer Breeze

    February 01 2016

      It’s the first day of the last month of Summer – although we have to admit, we’re lucky in Byron Bay. It’s almost summer all year round. For those...

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  • Person Of Interest: Lucie Ferguson (Babyanything)

    January 28 2016

      Person Of Interest is all about finding out a little more about business owners and creatives that are killing it out there and that we really admire. This week we...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Australia

    January 25 2016

      It’s that time of the year again, Australia Day, where every patriotic citizen dons their favourite Southern Cross singlet, grabs their Aussie flag stubby holder, blows up Skippy the inflatable...

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  • Meet The Maker: Wary Meyers

    January 18 2016

      When you combine the artistic mindfulness and acute design awareness of husband and wife team John and Linda Meyers, the result is a quality scented candle range. The range...

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  • Candle Of The Week - Ocean Tide & Sea Salt

    January 14 2016

      Salty skin and beach hair are the norm around these parts and there is no better remedy to cool down during this heatwave than to submerge yourself in the...

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  • Winner Winner!

    January 12 2016

      Have you received a package from us recently? We would love to see all your beautiful new candles in their new homes! Post a picture of your new candle...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Espresso

    January 08 2016

      The holiday season is over, the NY party poppers have been popped and the nation is slowly returning back to the daily grind. To help shake off the resulting...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Celebration Day

    January 01 2016

      This week, we have a lot to celebrate, and what better way to do that than with our Candle Of The Week; Celebration Day by Tatine.   With the...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Wildflower & Fern

    December 25 2015

      Christmas is a time for giving and by purchasing this Wildflower & Fern candle from Hand in Hand, you are not only receiving a pretty scented candle but you...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Arabian Oud

    December 18 2015

      This week, we’re going on a sensory journey to far off lands with our Candle of The Week; Arabian Oud, made by Australian candle maker, Atelier Lumira.   This...

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  • Christmas Candles

    December 14 2015

      Candles can act as an amazing, delicious centrepiece for a table setting at Christmas. Don’t be afraid to play around with different scents and textures. Use fresh flowers, large...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Spruce

    December 11 2015

      It’s our favourite time of the year here at The Candle Library HQ...Christmas time!!!! We are eating far too much chocolate, listening to way too much Bublé and burning...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Cactus Face

    December 04 2015

      It is officially the first week of summer, the sun is hot as, the water is like a bath and the candle that reflects this time of year perfectly...

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  • In Good Company

    December 01 2015

    We love the idea of candles being kept in good company. When styling your home or workplace, a candle is the perfect finishing touch, it doesn’t need to be the...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Denim

    November 24 2015

      Each week we bring you a different candle that we currently love here at The Candle Library HQ and this week our C.O.W is Denim by Gascoigne and King....

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  • Person Of Interest: Amanda Stavropoulos

    November 20 2015

      Welcome to Person Of Interest, where we get the lo-down on fellow creatives and business owners that inspire us and are kicking goals out there.   Name: Amanda Stavropoulos...

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  • P.F. Candle Co. Featured on "The Block"

    November 19 2015

      The Channel 9 hit show “The Block’ has captured the nation with its dramatic renovations and this week they featured the Sweet Grapefruit candle by L.A candle brand P.F....

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  • Meet The Maker: Alchemy Produx

    November 17 2015

      This week, Meet The Maker takes us back to the school chemistry lab with Alchemy Produx.   Alchemy (AL-KER-MI), noun.           - Any magical power or process of transforming...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Tropical Gardenia

    November 06 2015

      Welcome to the first “Candle Of The Week” blog post where, each week, we will bring you the candle that may reflect our current mood or may have simply...

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  • Trigger Your Nostalgia

    November 05 2015

      Some of the strongest triggers of nostalgia, are smells.   Fragrances are complex and layered, designed to evoke a particular time and place, triggering memories and nostalgia.   Scents...

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  • Meet The Maker: P.F. Candle Co.

    October 28 2015

      We are delighted to introduce our good friends at P.F. Candle Co. who produce quality, small batch soy wax candles from a warehouse studio in LA.      From...

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  • Welcome to The Candle Library

    October 20 2015

      Thanks for stopping by! We’re delighted to have you here.   And we assume that you, like all of us at The Candle Library HQ, are a candle lover....

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