The Candle Club - December

As you all know, we carefully select what our Candle Club members receive each month based on the time of year, what is currently trending and the identifying events - which of course for this month is...CHRISTMAS & THE NEW YEAR! 

We wanted to fill the homes of our fellow candle connoisseur's homes with some Christmas and summertime spirit. So! Our general subscribers received a beautiful candles from the Palm Beach range.  We gave some of you a summer spirited scent and others Christmas spirited one! 

Our Luxe Subscribers of The Candle Club were obviously on Santa's good list because they were spoilt with TWO candles from our New Classics range.  We gifted our Luxe members a Starfruit and a Burnt Caramel candle this month. 


There is always room for more in the Candle Club, click here to check out our package options here and let the Christmas cheer continue all year long!