Date ideas that won't break the bank

The struggle is real when it comes to keeping things interesting.  You need to be careful not to slip into the comfy zone where no effort is put in, but it is also not financial viable to continue going to your favourite fine dining restaurant.  If you've been in this situation before you may be asking yourself, what is a cheap date, that doesn't seem 'cheap'?  Here's a list of some date ideas that are equal parts fun and romantic (all of which will not burn holes in your pockets!)
1. Picnic 

 Being waited on in a beautiful restaurant is great and all, but sometimes the little extra effort that is required for a picnic will grab you major brownie points.

 What you will you need: Picnic Rug, Cushions, Wine, Wine glasses, Cheese, Crackers, Grapes, Portable Speakers, Candle

 Location is the key to this date.  You want the picnic to be surrounded by nature, the ocean, trees, a lake or at least the sunrise/sunset.  Next, create your perfect picnic arrangement, make it look good enough to take an Instagram picture of! Start indulging in your delicious cheeses, try your hand at picking the wine notes and just enjoy each others company.


Image: Erich McVey Photography

2. Movie Night

Feeling lazy? Don’t have any thing nice to wear? Don’t feel like putting on pants? Movie marathon!!  Start early because you want to fit two movies in.  Whether you are heading down to the DVD store to pick a rental, or selecting something on Netflix make sure your movie selection is a surprise for each other!  Must have at least a couple of blocks of Lindt Chocolate, a bottle of red wine and a candle burning for ambience.

3. Take a bike ride.

For some a bike ride may be your usual form of transport, if so, maybe see date idea 1 & 2 instead.  If you are the other large majority of the population who travel on public transport or drive a car, this date idea will flood your veins with youthful endorphins.  Hop on your bikes, or if you are feeling adventurous hire a tandem bike! Choose a scenic route, take a pit stop for a quick coffee then jump back on and enjoy the sunshine.

Image: This is Glamorous 

4.  Create a Home Spa

Did someone say Spa Day? Go one better and have a Spa Night! Fill up the tub, add some lavender essential oil and bubble bath.  Light your favourite candles. If you are looking for a romantic scent try Hearts on Fire by The Candle Library or La Romance or Le Rose from Maison Balzac.  If you were looking for something purely relaxing how about Lavender by P. F. Candle Co.

 After you are both fully relaxed pull out some of your nice creams and oils and you can try your hand at facials, neck massages and meditation. Don’t forget the romantic beats - did some one say Barry White? 

5.  Afternoon High Tea

Make this a two part date.  The first half comprising of spending the morning baking together.  Whether it be cupcakes, tarts, cake or cookies try your hand at some sugary little sweets.  Boil the kettle, pull out nanna’s finest china and a fancy table cloth.  Sit back, relax and indulge in your delightful desserts.


Image: Once Wed

  1. Board games

Invite over another couple and make it a double date games night! Wipe the dust off some of your favourite games.  Scrabble, Scattegories, Balderdash, Cluedo are all great picks…Beware! I hear Monopoly may in fact end your relationship.