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January 22 2017

The Candle Club: January

With the Christmas and New Years excitement subsiding you wouldn't be blamed for being extra surprised when your first Candle Club shipment of 2017 arrived at your door! I don't know about you guys but mine couldn't have come any quicker, over Christmas all my candles were burnt and have now been up-cycled as pots for my succulents. 

In Australia, we are floating through a very hot tropical summer and at The Candle Library we are always carefully hand-selecting the candles are Candle Club members are receiving based on the season, whats happening or what is on trend.  

This is why we chose the beautiful Marine & Sea Salt candle by Paddywax as our January surprise for our General Candle Subscribers.

All January you can enjoy burning Paddywax's signature soy wax, paired with Cedar & Fern fragrance notes and a clean and crispy salt water scent.  With a fresh, nature-inspired look and fragrance this candle will breathe the ocean air into any space. 

Members of our Luxe Candle Club received the luxurious Verbena & Patchouli candle by Paddywax

The delicious scent, combined with the beautiful packaging, makes a show-stopping decorative accent in any home décor.

Hand poured into a gorgeous gold vessel and topped off with a raw wooden lid, this candle is as delicious smelling, as it is to look at.










If you are not a member of the Candle Club maybe now is the perfect time! New year, new...candles every month! Click here for more information about the Candle Club! 

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