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  • New range from Tatine

    January 28 2017

    Dark, Wild & Deep.  This is the new range from the ever-impressive Tatine.   A hypnotic range of rich and intense scents, all poured into frosted white vessels.  This range...

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  • The Candle Club: January

    January 22 2017

    With the Christmas and New Years excitement subsiding you wouldn't be blamed for being extra surprised when your first Candle Club shipment of 2017 arrived at your door! I don't know...

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  • Let's talk about scents, baby.

    January 18 2017

    Let's talk about scents, baby, let's talk about you and me. Ever attended at a dinner party and been highly impressed by your great uncle Gary's extensive knowledge on wine notes? Similar...

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  • Return Gift Ideas

    December 27 2016

    It happens every year, you get unexpected gifts from friends and distant relatives and have nothing to give them in return! Avoid embarrassment and get a return gift pronto! We...

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  • Gift Basket Ideas

    December 22 2016

    Looking for last minute gift box or gift basket ideas? Fill your hamper with delicious nibbles, scented bath products and of course, candles! They are the perfect size to fit...

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  • Making Gift Giving more Exciting

    December 19 2016

    Christmas Gift Exchanges can actually be really fun. We’ve scoured the internetz for some of the best ideas to make gift giving a bit more exciting this year! From your...

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  • The Candle Club - December

    December 17 2016

    As you all know, we carefully select what our Candle Club members receive each month based on the time of year, what is currently trending and the identifying events - which...

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  • Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

    December 13 2016

    School is almost out for Summer! Students aside, it’s high time we give back to our amazing teachers for the hard work they have put in this year. Teachers can...

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  • Christmas in the home

    December 08 2016

    We absolutely love Christmas - every little thing about it.  We could talk for hours on end about what delicious food we are going to cook, what wine we are...

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  • Candle of the Month: Burnt Caramel

    December 01 2016

    This December will be the icing on top of an incredible year.  December is about celebration, family, friends, Christmas, giving, sharing and eating! Caramel is a scent that brings us...

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  • Secret Santa Gifts

    November 24 2016

    Finding Secret Santa gifts can be hard when you’re after something affordable, but not cheap and nasty. Luckily, you have options! We have an awesome range of small but no...

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  • Candles for Christmas!

    November 17 2016

    Out of Christmas gift ideas already? Let us bring you a little extra inspiration. Not only can candles be the perfect Christmas present, they can act as an amazing, delicious...

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  • The Candle Club - November

    November 12 2016

    CAUTION: This blog may create feelings of jealously or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)...But don't worry, you can jump onboard next month's Candle Club shipment and be part of the...

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  • Gifts for your Girlfriend

    November 10 2016

    It’s really no secret; girls love candles. Get a present your girlfriend will actually love…. you can’t go wrong with candles. We promise! Now you’ve made the decision, you’ve now...

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  • Crazy about Copper

    November 09 2016

    The chemical element Copper.  Otherwise known as Cu on the periodic table.  Otherwise known as BEST addition to any room. Copper is trending at the moment, and we have a...

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  • Passionate about Peonies

    November 05 2016

    Passionate about these picture perfect Peonies All of November our Candle of the Month will be PEONY from The Candle Library's New Classics range.  We are completely and utterly obsessed...

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  • Small gifts with big personality

    November 03 2016

    Need help finding small gifts this holiday season? You can definitely give an awesome present on a small budget. We have you covered!  As we approach the giving season, it...

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  • Candle of the Month: Peony

    November 02 2016

    November already?! You guys know what that means? It's time to announce our Candle of the Month! In the last week we have launched our brand spankin' new range, the...

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  • Our favourite spooky films

    October 31 2016

    Halloween might not be a true-blue Aussie tradition, but we do love to dress up, we do love an excuse to celebrate and we do love scary films.  Some of...

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  • Gifts to say Thank You!

    October 27 2016

    Thank you gifts can sometimes be some of the most important presents you will ever give or receive. Gifts to say ‘thanks’ show someone that you appreciate everything that they...

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  • The Candle Library's first birthday!

    October 25 2016

    What a genuinely incredible first year it has been here at The Candle Library.  365 days of researching, creating, sourcing, designing, interviewing, photographing, distributing and enjoying all there is to...

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  • Gifts for Retirement

    October 21 2016

    What to get someone when they’re hanging up their boots? Retirement is a time for putting one’s feet up, sit back and smelling the roses. So why not do exactly...

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  • Flowers for beginner gardeners

    October 19 2016

    Spring is the perfect time of year to start the flower garden you had always dreamed of.  If you are new to the green thumb gang and eager to give...

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  • The Candle Club - October

    October 15 2016

    Ever wanted to be part of a club? Look no further, the Candle Club is the perfect club to be apart of! Being a member means you are on the...

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  • Scent-imentality

    October 14 2016

    There is something about the hunt for the perfect gifts for your best friends, family, lovers and special someone’s that is especially cathartic. Whether it is a joke gift or a...

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  • Florists you should be following.

    October 12 2016

    This month we are all about blooming flowers! Our Candle of the Month is 'In Full Bloom', we are heading right into the middle of Spring and also...who doesn't simply...

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  • Beautiful Bathtubs

    October 07 2016

    It's Friday. It's been a busy week. Heck, it's been a busy year! It's not often enough we indulge ourselves in some real 'me' time.  Not all of us are able...

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  • Gifts for $25 and Under

    October 04 2016

    Presents can be hard when you’re looking for something nice, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for a gift for an acquaintance, a work collegue...

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  • Lilac Love

    October 02 2016

    We don't like lilac - we LOVE lilac.  Could be part of the reason that October's Candle of the Month, 'In Full Bloom', comes in a beautiful lilac coloured ceramic vessel....

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  • Candle of the Month: In Full Bloom

    October 01 2016

    For the entire glorious month of October we will be highlighting a scent from The Candle Library's Premium Ceramic Range: In Full Bloom. The top notes in this beautiful Spring...

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  • Anniversary gifts that break tradition

    September 28 2016

    Looking for an anniversary gift that’s more exciting than a hallmark card, but won’t cost an arm and a leg? Look no further! Anniversaries are special for any reason! Whether...

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  • Glorious Gardens

    September 26 2016

    We collected some images of glorious gardens from around the globe.  Despite being all about everything Spring, something tells me these gardens are beautiful no matter what the season!  Owned...

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  • Forget Me Not

    September 23 2016

    Springtime is all about getting back into nature, floral scents and the time of year where our environment is rejuvenated. Though we wanted to talk about something a little more...

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  • Meet The Maker: L'ASCARI

    September 21 2016

    You're shopping online, you purchase a beautiful Elderberry Candle or maybe even the Old Oak Tree, it arrives to your house, you light the candle and your senses are engulfed...

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  • The Candle Club - September

    September 17 2016

    It's that time again! All our subscribers are getting their mits on September's special delivery.   This month...*drum roll please*...our general subscribers were sent an first-sneak peek at something very...

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  • Top Tips for making your flowers last

    September 15 2016

    Courtesy of the team at Flowers at the Farm, here is 5 easy steps to ensure your flowers are always looking fresh and lasting longer. Remove flowers from any wrapping. Choose...

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  • Person of Interest: Flowers at the Farm

    September 15 2016

    Situated at The Farm Byron Bay, Flowers at the Farm is the beautiful venture run by mother and daughter duo, Ros Macdonald and Elle Buckley.  With so many of our...

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  • 5 ways to Spring Clean your Life

    September 11 2016

    Hello September! Spring is in the air in the Southern Hemisphere and we couldn’t be happier to emerge from our wintery bunkers, soak up some sunshine and smell fresh blooms....

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  • Local Knowledge - Our Favourite Nature Trails

    September 10 2016

    Here at The Candle Library we are lucky are enough to be able to call Byron Bay home.  The town is host to an abundance of beautiful cafes and restaurants, it is...

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  • A little TLC from TCL

    September 07 2016

    You may have seen a lot of awareness campaigns circulating right now, 22 pushups, #itsoktotalk and tomorrow's R U OK? Day. We at The Candle Library got to thinking how important...

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  • Follow me down the nature trail

    September 04 2016

    Can you be believe we have wandered into Spring already? This year is flying by so let's all just slow down, stop and smell the blossoming flowers.  Based around our...

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  • Candle of the Month: Nature Trail

    September 02 2016

    Picture walking through a dense pine forest with the warm spring-time sun on your face.  The moss covered tree roots make your adventure a little slippery but that okay because...

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  • Meet The Maker: St Agni

    August 23 2016

    A space the country should keep both eyes on is St. Agni.  Founded in their Byron Bay home two years ago, Lara and Matt are the faces behind the beautiful,...

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  • Get Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift he never knew he needed!

    August 22 2016

    Father’s Day is almost here for another year! If your Dad is anything like one of ours, chances are, he’s the hardest person in the world to buy presents for…...

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  • Candle Subscription - August

    August 20 2016

    For the month of August our subscribers received a candle which is beautiful on the inside and out.  Its gentle and calming blue patterned exterior is a perfect match to the blue...

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  • Bust the Myth: Coffee Beans

    August 19 2016

      National Science Week has us curious of whether smelling coffee beans truly 'resets' your sense of smell.  We've all seen it before, a cup of coffee beans at the...

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  • Science Experiment: Are odourprints like fingerprints?

    August 16 2016

    Medical Laboratory and Biomedical Science It should come as no surprise that we, here at The Candle Library, are huge science fans.  We love researching, testing and pushing the boundaries...

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  • Person of Interest: Jaye Edwards (Edwards And Co.)

    August 12 2016

    If you haven't already heard, Jaye Edwards is a name to remember.  He is the brains, heart and legs of Edwards and Co.  Jaye is the director and leading colourist...

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