Making Gift Giving more Exciting

Christmas Gift Exchanges can actually be really fun. We’ve scoured the internetz for some of the best ideas to make gift giving a bit more exciting this year! From your office Kris Kringle to that boozed up dinner with friends who can’t remember the White Elephant rules, we’ll get you adopting some gift giving traditions of your own from this year on…. 

Christmas Gifts

  • Recurring Gifts – Like Subscription Boxes

    Because who doesn’t love gifts that keep on giving? Subscription gifts are a literal jackpot when buying for friends, family or colleagues. They get a present on Christmas Day, but then again every month following for as long as the subscription lasts! It will brighten their days long after the holiday spirit wears off!

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  • Rotating Gift Boxes

    Candles are the perfect, petite gift to fit into any gift box. Start a rotating gift box with a 3 or more of your friends. Send 3 candles in a gift box to a friend with a personal note to one of your friends. This first friend, takes a candle out, and puts in three gifts of their own, along with personal notes and sends it to the next. This continues, until the gift box comes full circle, full of gifts from your friends and notes from each. You only have to ship the package once! It’s brilliant!

  • Treasure Hunts

    More for those with little ones, make the gift giving fun for everyone! Send them on a hunt! Put a few mini gifts in some stockings and hide them around the house. Once the kids have unwrapped their prezzies under the tree, the excitement doesn’t have to end…. Send them on a hunt and give yourself time for a coffee!

  • Yankee Swap/White Elephant

    This one can get ruthless! We recommend this one for the adults…. Perfect for friends or colleague gift exchanges. All Secret Santa gifts are placed in a pile, and one person is selected to choose first by drawing 1 out of a hat. They unwrap the gift and show it to everyone. The next person can choose to steal that gift, or open a new one from the pile. If your gift is stolen, you get to pick again in the next round. There is definitely the element of surprise and you might not end up with what you chose nor wanted!

  • Spin the Bottle

    But the PC variety… instead of, or as well as a cheeky kiss, take turns exchanging gifts! Play nice or nasty and try your luck, either donate your turn to the unlucky in the ring, or hoard your luck with a loot of presents! We advise playing nice of course, remember Christmas is about giving!

 How ever you decide to do it, have fun giving gifts for Christmas this year! But don't leave it too late! We have a Christmas Sale to help you on your way that is on until midnight Christmas Eve! Shop the sale here!

Christmas Presents