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The Mum Diaries: Paloma Garcia

As we turn another page of The Mum Diaries, we uncover the story of another incredible woman.  Paloma Rose Garcia is a Sydney based, award-winning hairdresser, super mum and a total boss lady.  

Paloma starts by telling us about her two little boys Charlie and Teddy. 

"Teddy is 8 and such a wise boy! Bright, sweet, sensitive and such a dude. Sometimes talking to him is like having a conversation with a 16 year old!
Charlie is 3 and such a cheeky monkey! He always has been, and always will be! He pushes everything to the limit but he is the most affectionate person I have ever come across."
Paloma's favourite part of motherhood is "creating a loving and great life for [her] two sons", however, like anything there are always some challenges.  One challenge that she has mentioned is the tantrums.
"The tantrums and challenging moments with them just being kids - those moments where your patience goes out the door." 
"I just take a deep breathe and try and keep my cool. And obviously time management! Being a single mother, running a busy business with 16 staff… my time management is to the minute!"
As an extremely busy woman, in high-demand both at work and at home we had to know how she found balancing motherhood and a successful hairdressing career at Oscar Oscar.
" I just do it! I work 6 days, have my kids 5 nights a week and I just get on with it. I am a pretty positive, upbeat person and I feel blessed to have my boys and have such a great business filled with wonderful team members. So rather than complaining about balance etc I just think how lucky I am."
That is such a great attitude to have about a busy lifestyle, do you have any other advice for new or expecting mothers? 
" ROUTINE!!! I can't stress this enough. Sleeping & feeding routines for the first year are so important so you can still have a life, lower and unneeded stress and create a happy baby!"
So the secret to success is routine!  What does 24 hours in the life of Paloma Garcia's routine involve?
"-6:30am: Kids up in my bed and smothering me with cuddles & kisses, this is my favourite time of the day
-6:45am: poached eggs & toast are on! Breakfast for all, me showered & ready for work, boys dressed, beds made and out the door!
-8am: coffee pick up & school drop off to two different schools
-8:45am: arrive at the salon. My day is filled with managing my clients, overseeing all guests in and out of the business, doing any task driven jobs, given direction to the team, and making sure the vibe and energy is great!
-2:50pm: dash for school pick ups!
-3:30pm: Tennis for Teddy for 1 hour, Charlie and I go play in the park
-5:30pm: a home made healthy dinner is served
-6pm: bath the boys, then we play/read. We don't do any TV or devices at all. Maybe a movie or a few shows they like on the weekends. 
-7:30pm: Charlie to bed
-8:00pm: Teddy to bed, we do a quick 15 min mediation before he goes down. This is something I started to help with any anxiety I get from time to time, and he wanted to get involved and now he loves it!
-10pm: I am out like a light!!!"
Wow that is quite the schedule, so impressive and exactly why Paloma was selected as one of the incredible woman to be apart of The Mum Diaries. 
With such an insane daily schedule, we wondered what her perfect 24 hours would look like?
"Sundays are my FAV!!!!
-home made french toast in the morning
-scooter around Bondi for an hour with the boys
-they go to their fathers around midday
-I usually catch up with friends either lunch or dinner. 
If it was perfect...of course being at the beach makes me very happy too!"
If you don't know already, now you know that Paloma has been nominated as a finalist in the 2017 Australian Hair Fashion Awards as Hairdresser of the year. The collection that she as nominated on was inspired by a recent trip to Europe.  We wondered about whether her kids were lucky enough to come along on these trips or whether she travelled solo when working?
" I travel with and without the kids! And they are such different experiences!!! I was in Europe last summer (without the kids) and was seeing my family in Barcelona and I was totally in awe of the Spanish women they have such a raw beauty. And that afternoon light in Europe, that last for hours… I just love it!"
One day a year is simply not enough to celebrate mums and everything they do!  This Mothers Day we sent Paloma a candle from our New Classics range.  We thought Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean would be perfect for her, and it would seem that maybe we picked right! 
"Um, I LOVE it!!!! I am so scent OBSESSED, and I can't get enough. Its great for the evening as its calming."
At The Candle Library we are totally scent obsessed too (obviously) and are constantly searching for another beautiful scent or combination of scents to capture in a candle, so we asked Paloma what she would love to burn at home...and she said "fresh linen".
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