The Mum Diaries: Ruby Matthews

Mums come in all shapes and sizes, and today we are speaking to the beautiful Byron Bay based model and super mum Ruby Matthews.


Ruby has a history of fashion and hair modelling however since bringing her son Rocket into the world we asked if she had transitioned toward being more inclusive of him in her modelling?


“I’ve slowly transitioned into more of an influencer role.  I occasionally shoot but not so much the tiny swimwear kinda thing.”


If you haven’t already seen on Ruby’s Instagram, Rocket is absolutely adorable, we asked if she would mind telling us a little more about his personality.


“He is a true Scorpio – intensely emotional, extremely strong willed and powerful by nature, a keen mind and very intelligent.  He’s also extremely cheeky.”


With so many great qualities in an extremely cute little guy, I asked Ruby what her favourite part of motherhood was.


“I don’t think there’s just one thing.  The whole package of love for one another is a gift that’s irreplaceable.”


Ruby definitely isn’t alone when she says that no sleep and tantrums are a challenge, many mums have explained the exact same struggles.


“The no sleep.  I knew the possibility of sleep issues, but it doesn’t prepare you.  The tantrums and the no sleep but the no sleep really gets you.”


For those of you who are new to motherhood or are expecting a child, you have tantrums and lack of sleep to look forward to, but Ruby’s advice?


“Take one day at a time.”


For Mothers Day we sent Ruby 'Coffee' from the New Classics range and asked her what she thought of the scent?  Turns out Ruby's already a huge fan of our range!

"I've actually been buying these candles for a while now! I love the coffee or the burnt vanilla!"

If Ruby could have any scent captured in a candle she would like Toffee apples, cream caramel and the perfect toasted coconut.