TCL x The War on Waste

We love breathing new life into beautiful things around the home and
office, especially our empty candle jars (as you can imagine, we have
quite an impressive collection). And after watching the ABC's
War on Waste, it pushed us even further to think of what more we could
be doing at TCL HQ to help combat the war on waste.
Instead of throwing the burnt-out vessel away, we have come up with
a few useful tips on removing the wax and some
imaginative ways to re-use the vessel.
Here we show you just how easy it is!


Once you have burned your candle to the bottom, the first thing you need to
do is clean out the wax. The easiest way to do this is to stick your candle right
in the freezer. We usually do this overnight, but it would work after a few
hours. The wax will contract in the freezer, so a simple nudge with a spoon is
all it will take to pop the wax out.
NEXT, clean the jar with hot, soapy water to get all of the wax residue off
and…hey presto! It’s like brand new.


Looking for some inspiration?
Here are some of our ideas on how to reuse your candle vessel -
We are plant crazy at the moment (who isn't) and our vessels make the
new home for your plants - succulents/cacti are fantastic as they are so
easy to maintain.

Our ceramic vessels are the perfect tea or coffee mug, especially as they
are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

For the bathroom, our favourite way to re-use those beautiful vessels
and jars is as storage for cotton pads and cotton tips, that way we feel
organised and stylish all at once.

Another great tip is to store and organise your makeup brushes rather
than leaving them sprawled out across the bench. This way you know
exactly where they are in a hurry! 

For those who are artistically inclined, keep your paint brushes neat
and tidy in our pretty ceramic mugs.

Hate plastic and boring pen holders in your office? Simply scrape out and
clean the wax from your burnt candle to reuse it as a pretty pen cup.

FLOWERS! We love flowers, I mean who doesn’t really. Beautiful flowers and
scented candles seem to be a perfect match, so what better way than to team
them together – repurpose your candle jars as a sweet little vase for
your weekly flower purchases.

Need somewhere to store all your rings, earrings and other precious pieces?
Look no further than your candle vessel. It will keep all of these small pieces
in one cute and tidy place.
Sweet tooth? For a little fun, brighten up your space with a colourful
bowl of lollies!
Don't Forget - It is SUPER easy to grow plants from your food
scraps see link for more information and our vessels are the perfect
size for this!


Here at TCL we take our coffee drinking very seriously BUT, we are
even more serious about banning the coffee cup. All of our team members have
Keep Cups which you can purchase here or from various cafes OR
you can simply take your own coffee mug (our TCL ceramic vessels are PERFECT!)
A lot of cafes are now offering discounts to bring your own cup, if your
local coffee house isn't offering this, ask them why.
And remember to spread the word #BYOcoffeecup
For more info read up here:
If you have more ideas for repurposing your empty candle vessels, we want
to hear from you! Post an image of how you re-use your empty candle
vessel and tag
If we share your post you will receive 20% OFF your next purchase at
The Candle Library.

Happy up-cycling from the TCL team! x