How To: Choose the perfect scent online

Here at The Candle Library, we take our scents very seriously and our passion is to make sure our valued customers pick a scent that they fall in love with and can't stop burning!

Below you will find a handy little 6-step guide to help you make sense of shopping for scents online, when you cant physically smell them.


1. Start with a Scent Group

It helps to first figure out what scent group your preferred scents generally fall in to. To assist with this, The Candle Library website arranges all our candles in to 5 unique scent groups; Citrus & Fruit, Green & Earth, Floral & Sweet, Wood & Spice and finally Man Candles.

We find that everyone leans towards a favourite scent group, whether that style of scent reminds you of a certain time in your life or matches your character and style perfectly.

This is a great place to start before diving in a little deeper to choose a scent that is right for you.


2. We're Here To Help

Be sure to take note of product descriptions. Here at The Candle Library we take care in explaining the different scent notes of each candle to ensure you pick one you'll love to burn for hours.

We also go one step further to describe the emotions and stories behind each scent, so you can find a scent that really matches your lifestyle and personality.


3. Join The Candle Club

We all know that candles make the perfect gift for someone close to us, but if it wasn't hard enough choosing a scent for yourself, it can be even more difficult buying a scent for someone else.

By joining The Candle Club, our unique candle subscription service, you, or someone special, will receive a surprise candle in the post each month and will get to try out various scents that you may not usually be drawn to but end up loving! 

Join The Candle Club here.


4. Location, location, location

Where you plan on burning your new candle is oh so important! Consider which room of the house you will be burning the candle and the general size and mood of this room.

For example, clean and fresh scents such as Byron Bay work well in kitchens, while floral scents such as Gardenia, Jasmine, Petitgrain are the perfect fit for bathrooms, and for the bedroom, go for something with a little spice such as Dixieland Jazz.

Larger rooms demand bolder scents and consider a double wick candle to improve scent throw such as our very own Coffee, while for smaller rooms think lighter scents or even a diffuser to release the fragrance more gently such as Golden Coast.

Remember, bigger scents can be overwhelming in smaller spaces while lighter scents may be lost in your more spacious rooms.


5. Match the Season

Bring the outdoors in by matching your candle scent with the current season.

When its cold and wintery outside, bring warmth and create a cosy atmosphere with a woody, spicy scent such as Arabian Oud. As spring approaches think floral and fresh scents such as Laundry Day to assist with the spring cleaning. During the hot, steamy summer months, tropical fruits, coconut and citrus will freshen your space and embrace the tropical vibes such as Summer Sunset. When the leaves begin to fall and the nights draw in, green, earthy scents are the perfect match to connect with nature. Try Rustic Fig.


6. Finishing Touches

We all love scented candles for their beautiful fragrances, but don't forget their effectiveness as a decorative feature!

With a wide variety of beautiful candle vessels to chose from, many of which are designed to be used long after the candle burns out, buying a scented candle means you also get the perfect decorative piece to match your home decor and help add a little something extra to your space.

The vessels from Pour L'Air are among our favourites with the prettiest Letterpress labels and hand-painted artwork.

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