Candle Of The Month: Coffee

Well, the holiday season is officially officially over. 

To help us shake off those holiday blues and ease back into the daily grind, we present our Candle Of The Month; Coffee

This is one our favourite candles to pour in our HQ, the scent really fill our whole warehouse space and everyone who visits our shop front loves the intoxicating coffee, maple and vanilla aroma. 

Ahh coffee, the elixir of life! Everybody loves the smell of fresh coffee and we have captured this in our very own, hand-poured in Byron Bay range.

Lingering notes of vanilla and maple add a surprisingly mellow touch to the invigorating scent of fresh roasted coffee beans. 

This scent is one of the strongest in our range, and loved by all coffee lovers.

Our signature, custom fragrance is mixed with 100% natural eco soy wax and housed in a ceramic vessel, designed to be used long after the flame goes out

Only $31.50 for the month of February - what are you waiting for?