May 06 2017

The Mum Diaries: Jayde Butterworth

Let's all cheer for the super mums in the world! *Hip-hip-hooray*

We were fortunate enough to steal a moment from mother-of-two, Jayde Butterworth to have a chat about motherhood. 

Jayde has two beautiful little girls, Mia & Billie, who are extremely close in age! 

"My girls are 16 months apart. (Rolling eyes) The gap was planned, the reality wasn't. Haha. The first year was the hardest as they both required so much from me as they were both babies in nappies but as time moves forward those challenges end and new ones arise, you do what you need to do because there is no other option."

We asked Jayde, what some of the biggest challenges about motherhood were? 

"Sickness would have to be the most challenging, and finding a balance in your life for everything and everyone including yourself is super important so you don't get lost in one role."

But of course, this outweighs her favourite part of being a mum which is "the reward of watching them grow". 

Jayde's two little beauties have been spotted in a few different modelling jobs, a recent one with Country Road is one of our personal favourites.  Jayde says, "everything in moderation is ok as long as they are happy doing it." 

HOT TIP FOR THOSE NEW TO THE MOTHERHOOD GAME: "Enjoy those date nights, appreciate the time you have to yourself and practice your patience as it's the main ingredient you will need to survive the next few years of motherhood."

Ever wanted to know what 24 hours is like in the life of a super mum..."I have a 5am wake up call (thanks Bill!) My chef hat goes on at 6am, my maid apron is done up at 6:30am, I reach for my counselling notes at 7am as the fighting over who has the better dolly bubba begins. Around 8am I am a chauffeur to parks/beach/play dates. I am back home for naps around lunch time. Much of the above happens again until night time and then it's cuddles and kisses at 7:30pm. I then take all my crap off and turn into a raging milf!!! Just kidding... I fall asleep on the couch."

With such a hectic schedule, we wanted to know what a 'perfect' 24 hours would be..."Waking up at 9am to my two toddlers hand feeding me and baby daddy breakfast while we decide what WE want to do for the day... no, honestly as long as we are all happy and healthy and I don't hear many tantrums or tears that's a great day for me."

We went on to discuss where the line was drawn between mum-life and personal-life, and it would appear this line is blurry - but with a great group of friends anything is possible. "I definitely have intertwined my personal life with mum life as motherhood takes up 110% of my time so it makes sense to make the most out of it. I have a great group of mama friends and we almost always have something to do together!"

As a Mothers Day present we sent Jayde a candle from our New Classics range : Burnt Caramel!

Jayde's verdict? "It makes me Craaaaaave dessert. You have nailed the scent, it's rich and powerful and it's exactly what I want my home smelling like."

As candle creators we had to know what scent Jayde would like to see the most, "Newborn baby smell. #mumanswer!" 


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