The Mum Diaries: Lidia Ferreira

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear joggers and tights and carry baby wipes everywhere! 

Today we were fortunate enough to chat with mother of one and personal trainer, Lidia Ferreira!

We asked Lidia to tell us her favourite part of motherhood and also the biggest challenges she has faced.

"My favourite thing about being a mum is that I get to relive all the things I used to do as a child and enjoy them all over again while still creating memories for Addi when he’s older. That and also embarrassing Addison by being a massive dork and having an excuse for it!"

"The biggest challenge I faced was honestly realising that my life would never be the same. I wasn’t the same as all my 20-something year old friends anymore and couldn’t do the same things without having a massive responsibility on my shoulders. Also the relationship with your partner drastically changes after having a child. You think you have issues now? Try adding in a mini human to the mix to stress you both out more! 3 year old tantrums. Do I really have to explain that one? Hmm.. all that….and the laundry. My god.. Can I classify laundry as a challenge about motherhood? Because I am. Its the bane of my existence!"

We wanted to know a little more about her son Addison, he is adorable with the most divine blonde curls, but what is his personality like?
" Where do I start about this whirlwind of a child? He’s intense, he’s super independent, he’s very social, he’s cheeky, stubborn, impatient, kind and caring, hilarious and yes, exactly like his mother haha."

Lidia is a single mum running a successful business as a personal trainer and life coach, we asked her how she balanced the two. 
" Its definitely a challenge especially being a single mum, but I make it work I guess. I fit in exercise in the spare moments of the day where I can, I'm pretty much always on the run and I manage my time. I find that the one of the most important parts of being a mum is learning time management. I take Addi to the gym with me, I make sure both him and I eat well and we both have somewhat of a routine. Its the only way Im able to fit everything in!"
What does 24 hours in Lidia's life look like?
" Okay here we go.. A standard 24 hours would be, get myself up before Addison, get ready for the day, prepare his lunch (if it's a daycare day), get him up and dressed and make both of us breakfast, then make him presentable after breakfast (because, have you seen a 3 year old boy after they eat?!), Drive him to daycare, go to the gym for 1 hour or so, come home and prepare dinner, do all the house work and all that bloody laundry I was talking about earlier, get ready for work, work for 3-4 hours, go pick up Addison, get home, give him and myself dinner, bath him and do bedtime routine, then after he’s asleep, prepare food for the next day (lunches, breakfast prep ect), prepare his stuff for the next morning, reply to emails or write some programs and then go to bed ready for my next day to start at 5am!"

A daily schedule like that is impressive...everyone has the same 24 hours per day and some people know how to utilise those hours more efficiently (ahem...super mum!)
We then had to know what Lidia's ideal 24 hours would entail?

"Being at the beach with a picnic and a book and no child haha. I wanna be one of those mums that would say my child would be included in that buuuuttttt I would be lying. Any time to myself I can get and its silent for more than 5 minutes is perfect to me!"

Are you a new or expecting mother?  Here are some wise words of advice from someone who has been there before!

"Expect life to change, and embrace it. Expect your body to change, and love it for what it is! It will be hard, it always is, but we all feel what you’re feeling. Don't ever doubt yourself or your ability to be a good mum because we’re all amazing for the job we’re doing! And honestly.. A lot of mums always talk to me about getting their body back after having a baby… relax.. you have time.. let your body heal and restore itself. We all tend to get hard on ourselves but just embrace everything and learn to love the new life and new you." 

As a Mothers Day gift we sent Lidia Starfruit from our New Classics range and what did she think? 
"The scent is amazing… I love fresh fruity smells because it makes me feel like I’m on a holiday! And it obviously impresses people when they walk in the house, duh."
At The Candle Library, we might have to start researching how to create this new scent, New Baby Smell.  Lidia isn't the first person to tell me this is the scent they would like captured in a candle. 
" It's almost my favourite smell in the world. Its so sad when it wears off and they just start smelling like poo or old food."
For more Lidia check out her website and Instagram!