How to care for your candles

A candle is like the most selfless friend you could ever have.  They let you burn them and cut them.  They provide you with light and beautiful aromas.  Depending on what they are made of they have the ability to uplift you or relax you.  What have you ever done for your candle? Just let it burn and burn until there is nothing left.  Let's talk about all the ways you can improve the lifetime of a candle. 

It all starts with the correct tools.  From Wickman we have some of the finest candle accessories.  

Wick Trimmer

Rule number one of candle care is to always keep your wick trimmed to 1/4'' (approx 6mm) at all times. This is for a few reasons, firstly, it will decrease the chance of sooting.  Soot is the black powdery substance that you may have seen up the walls of your candle.  It is made up of small carbon particles and is not really something you want all over your beautiful scented candle.  

 Secondly, with a shorter wick comes a longer lasting candle.  A longer wick will encourage your candle to burn at faster rate. 

The easier way to trim your candles is with a wick trimmer.  They are specially designed for cutting through a waxy substance with ease.  Not to mention, if you have ever tried to trim a wick with scissors when there is half of the candle or less left you'll realise it can be quite tricky with normal scissors. 



Dangling Bell Snuffer

Traditional bell snuffers were invented 100s of years ago to prevent blowing wax off the tip of tapered candles onto church alters, tables and household items.  A snuffer is a safe and effective way to extinguish a candle.  Blowing out a candle creates extra unwanted smoke.  It will also push the wick over into the wax causing the candle to burn unevenly the next time you light it.  

This bell snuffer will dangle in any direction making it easy to reach any wick.

Wick Dipper

Imagine you have just been burning the most divine candle, all of its scent notes are floating through the air and as it comes time to extinguish the flame, you blow it out and all you can smell is smoke.  Like the snuffer, a wick dipper is another excellent and easy way to extinguish a flame.  Simply use the wick dipper to push the wick over into the pool of melted wax.  This will eliminate most, if not all, of the smoke.  An extra bonus is that you can use the dipper to straighten the wick back into position for its next burn.  


These Wickman Unique Candle Accessories are the perfect partner to your favourite candle.  Shop the Wickman's Range here.  We also have the cutest multipack with all three tools.