The Candle Club - September

It's that time again! All our subscribers are getting their mits on September's special delivery.  

This month...*drum roll please*...our general subscribers were sent an first-sneak peek at something very exciting - The Candle Library's New Classic range!  This beautiful range isn't even available on our website yet but our subscribers are like VIPs to us so we sent them a surprise from one of our six new scents! Watch this space as the new range (which we are super excited about) will be released very soon. 


Luxe Subscribers received a Peachy Keen from The Candle Library's very own Premium Ceramics range. 

Peachy Keen will fill your nostrils with primary notes of peach, nectarine and citrus. What a perfect scent for this time of year! It's starting to warm up and your house or workplace (or wherever you burn your candles) will now reflect this season change - further notes of summer stone fruits and jasmine, vanilla - for a hint of sweetness, and cedar wood & musk - for the perfect balance.  

The Premium Ceramics Range is beautifully crafted and entirely Australian-made.  Our signature, custom fragrance oils are locally produced before being mixed with 100% natural eco soy wax.

If you love surprises, love being the first to know about something, love your house smelling great at all times or love getting a new scent each month - then maybe it's time to sign-up to our candle subscription service!