Forget Me Not

Forget Me Nots

Springtime is all about getting back into nature, floral scents and the time of year where our environment is rejuvenated. Though we wanted to talk about something a little more left of field than the humble daisy chain…. Whatever happened to Forget-Me-Nots? Springtime is the time for forget-me-nots to bloom, and can produce beautiful blue flowers right up to Summer.

The forget-me-not is a symbol of remembrance, good memories, memories that you wouldn’t want to forget. The thing about giving someone Forget-me-nots to remember something special is that, like all flowers, they don’t last for long enough! Candles on the other hand, do.

Scents are complex and layered, designed to evoke a particular time and place, triggering memories and nostalgia. They have the ability to transport you to another place, at another time and allow you to relish and enjoy that memory over and over again.

Candles are the perfect gift to remember a special time for yourself or a loved one. Remember that time you went on that exotic holiday? Rented that beach house? Hung out at that café every weekend?

Candle Remembrance Gifts

Candles are also the perfect gift to remember someone who may not be around anymore. Remind yourself of their favourite fragrance, colour or place so their memory will linger in the air.

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