Glorious Gardens

We collected some images of glorious gardens from around the globe.  Despite being all about everything Spring, something tells me these gardens are beautiful no matter what the season! 
Polish Opera singer, Ganna Walska created the Lotusland Botanical Garden's in Santa Barbara, California.  The Dunlop Collection, pictured above features more than 300 species of cactus on this three-quarter-acre garden.
Originally a private garden in Kensington Palace, the Kensington Garden is now one of the Royal Parks of London available for the public's enjoyment. 
Central Park, New York City is beautiful in all seasons of the year. Pictured above is Central Park in Autumn taken by one of us from The Candle Library.  
One of the top places to visit in Morocco, is the YSL house Le Jardin Majorelle. Featuring beautiful bright blues and a desert style selection of flora, it's no surprise the world wants to see it first-hand.  
Formed in the 1960s, the Sunken Alcove Garden in New Zealand offers a sense of calmness and separation form the surrounding urban noise.