Person Of Interest: Amelia Fullarton (Photographer)


Amelia Fullarton is a super human. She surely wears a blue lycra suit under her lose-fit linen shirt. Not only is she a gifted photographer, who is achieving great success in the industry, but she is also mum to two gorgeous girls and she is still in her twenties!!! Luckily for us, she found the time to take part in our Person Of Interest blog and allow us to discover more about the person behind the lens.


Instagram Handle & Website:  @ameliafullarton


Where are you based and what do you do?

Byron Bay, l’m a Mum and l take photos!


Give us the low-down on your average day?

Once i’ve reluctantly rolled out of bed l only begin to function after several cups of coffee.

I’ll either work or if i’m not we’ll hit the beach / pool till lunch time. Afternoon’s the little ones will usually snooze at home, while l listen to music and catch up on house work. By evening we’ll be back at the beach then home for din’s.


Describe yourself in three words..

I don’t know!


What is your favourite scent/smell?

Right now my baby’s head after she’s been sleeping, it’s a combination of breast milk, sweat and skin. It sounds horrible but it’s actually the best thing in the world. 


The greatest gift you have ever received was…?

My girls.


Describe the aesthetic of your workspace.

Right now.. messy. Usually l need things to be clean to be able focus. I have a pretty simple aesthetic, less is always more.


The smell of _______________ always reminds me of _________________

The smell of different perfume always reminds me of the places i’ve been...


What advice would you tell your 18 year old self?

It’ll all work out..


My playlist currently consists of…

Tame Impala, Bowie and always Dolly Parton!


What is your most treasured wardrobe item?

Denim jeans