Candle Of The Week: Cactus Face


It is officially the first week of summer, the sun is hot as, the water is like a bath and the candle that reflects this time of year perfectly is Cactus Face by Coco Daydream.


Handmade in Australia from 100% pure soy wax and scented with a “sweet combination of summer fruits and green succulents”, this fragrance is light and clean but at the same time lush and green, perfect for lifting the heavy, humid air and adding a summery freshness to your space.


Picture yourself in the middle of the Joshua Tree National Park, California on a deck chair, under the shade of a prickly cactus whilst indulging on a summer fruits sorbet…this is where this candle will take you. Without a doubt, the perfect companion to burn during those long summer days.


To make these luxury candles even more refined, each candle in the Coco Daydream Lifestyle Collection features some of Australia’s finest artists on its packaging and the talented sole responsible for the beautiful illustration on the Cactus Face packaging, is Christina Banos.


For some cactus inspired imagery check out our Cactus Face Pinterest Board.

Shop the Cactus Face candle here or shop the full Coco Daydream range here.