In Good Company

We love the idea of candles being kept in good company.

When styling your home or workplace, a candle is the perfect finishing touch, it doesn’t need to be the main focus. Stacked on top of books, perfectly placed next to a growing indoor plant or tucked inside a perfect marble tray on your coffee table.

Candles can complement any space whether you have ceramics, shells, books or flowers on display. Layer with taller, larger candles and small, miniature scents. Group them together. Burn them alone or all at once. Let the gorgeous scent uplift and inspire your environment.

There are no rules!

Looking for some inspiration? Scroll down.

(Image: Lumira)

(Image: Pinterest)

(Image: P.F. Candle Co.)

(Image: Coco Daydream)

(Image: Coco Daydream)

(Image: The Luxuriate)