October 20 2015

Welcome to The Candle Library


Thanks for stopping by! We’re delighted to have you here.


And we assume that you, like all of us at The Candle Library HQ, are a candle lover. How could you not be? What’s not to love? Something that smells AMAZING, has a magical calming quality to it, can evoke all kinds of memories and emotions and has a warmth & flame that is simply entrancing…


It’s for all of these reasons that we decided to build a marketplace dedicated entirely to the humble candle. A place where you can purchase your favourite scents as you please. Or, if you just want the scents to just keep on coming, we offer Candle Subscriptions; where you can sign up to have a new, surprise scent delivered right to your door each month! I know, right? Why hadn’t anyone thought of that before???


We hope that you enjoy our site, it’s definitely been a labour of love.


But, we’re so much more than just another online retailer.


By building The Candle Library, we hope to connect the candle lovers with the candle makers. We want to showcase artisanal producers, teach you about them, and bring you the very best in the candle-making business.


In the meantime, if you’re wanting to know a little bit more about The Candle Library, be sure to have a look at our ‘About Us’ page. Also make sure you're connected with us on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for all things candle inspired!

Lumira Candles 

(Image: Lumira)



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