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March 21 2016

World Fragrance Day 2016


World Fragrance Day: 21st March 2016.

World Fragrance Day is celebrated across The World on the 21st March every year. It is day to appreciate all the scents that piece together our day-to-day lives.


Fragrances are amazing, they can make you hungry, make you laugh, flinch, throw-up and even cry!


Think about all those smells you may take for granted…the smell of coffee in the morning, the smell of freshly baked cookies straight from the oven, garlic and spices from your favourite curry, a bunch of flowers from your sweet heart and of course the calming aroma of a scented candle flickering in your living room.


Our sense of smell is delicate, complex and powerful. Smell can evoke childhood memories, trigger nostalgia and transport you back to a specific moment of your past. It can bring forward emotions, good or bad, that can only be summoned by your sense of smell.


To celebrate World Fragrance Day we have a FLASH SALE offering 20% OFF online orders across the store, use code 'FRAGRANCE' to redeem offer at check out. But be quick as the SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.


We have also put together a list of fun facts all relating to smell:

  • We smell with our brains and not our nose!
  • Every human has a distinct odour or ‘smellprint’ with the exception of identical twins.
  • Women have a better sense of smell than their male counterparts.
  • Good aromas can make us happy.
  • Smells and fragrances are directly linked to nostalgia and can trigger old memories.
  • Humans smell while they are asleep. Have you ever woken up to the smell of a good old fry up?
  • Our sense of smell is stronger in spring and summer and after exercise.
  • Romantically involved couples can smell their partner’s happiness, fear and sexual arousal!
  • A study carried out by Yale University concluded that out of 80 different scents, coffee was the most identifiable scent.
  • Some unfortunate people suffer from Anosmia – a condition where they have no sense of smell.

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