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  • Mr Rosado  Black Matte Glass
  • Mr Rosado  Black Matte Glass

Mr Rosado Black Matte Glass - SOH


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Green Fig, Bergamot, Violet, Cedar & Vetiver

From plants to perfume is where the inception of this fragrance began.  The celebration of botanicals in their element without adding to it or manipulating it but completely stripping the  scent right back to its beginning.  Rosado is a botanical fragrance; capturing the ingredients at their purest, freshest level and letting the flora do the rest. The rose is beautiful lush and dark, linking gently with Fig. Adding delicately bergamot, violet and letting the fragrance sit on a base of Cedar and Vetiver.

House in a subtly tapered, black matte glass vessel.

70 hour burn time

Made in Melbourne by SOH


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