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Nature Trail - The Candle Library


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Pine / Tree Moss / Clary Sage

Take a stroll through a green forest on a warm spring day. You are engulfed by the smell of the pine trees around you, yet the scent of chamomile & lavender linger in the air. The tree moss, still damp from the recent sun shower, is mingling with the aroma of bergamot radiating from the citrus trees dotted along the trail.

The Candle Library's hero range is a beautifully crafted candle range that is entirely Australian-made.

The ceramic vessels are handmade by Australian potters and designed to be used long after the flame goes out.

Our signature, custom fragrance oils are locally produced before being mixed with 100% natural eco soy wax.

Each candle is then individually poured by hand in small batches. 

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