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Fyrian (verb)

Pronounced |[feer-ree-ehn]

Definition: “to supply with fire”

Origin: Old English. c.1400


A candle marks important moments - a moment to ourselves with a good book, a time to connect meaningfully with family or to signal a sense of occasion. In all cases, it’s a marker of quality time, often in the most understated way.

Fyrian was born in Sydney, Australia in 2019. The concept for Fyrian was seeded years earlier when the founder, Daniel, recognised that there wasn't a high-quality range of candles available for men. Furthermore, not all personal tastes are drawn to the delicate glassware seen in many candle ranges.

Fyrian candles are unisex, bold and have strength of design. An original creation, every aspect of our candle range is unique and considered. Each concrete vessel is carefully hand poured, one by one. Once the vessel takes shape an inscribed Fyrian logo is shaded-in by hand. From there, we add high-quality soy wax and combine it with incredible, unique scents, which means a clean burn with lasting aroma. All poured in Sydney.

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