The Candle Library's first birthday!

What a genuinely incredible first year it has been here at The Candle Library.  365 days of researching, creating, sourcing, designing, interviewing, photographing, distributing and enjoying all there is to enjoy about candles!

There have been countless moments which have made this year unforgettable, and to celebrate we want to share some of our proudest moments and thank some special people who helped make The Candle Library a blossoming reality.  

In the last year we have proudly...

Developed two of our very own ranges.  The first was our Premium Ceramics Range.  A lot of thought went into the design and scent development of this range - we wanted a way to show the world who we are and what we stand for.  This range is 100% Australian made, and hand poured right here in our Byron Bay warehouse.  


Our second range, New Classics, is exactly as the name suggests - extremely new (they are being released today)!  This range is made using 100% natural eco soy wax and is a more affordable range, so every candle lover can indulge their obsession.  

Something that continues to excite us everyday is the fact that we are a distributer for P. F. Candle Co. Their range is absolutely divine, with something for everyone and we get to represent their brand. 

We travelled to Sydney in February and Melbourne in August to exhibit our collection at Life Instyle.  Life Instyle is Australia's premium boutique trade show - what a way to meet like minded people and share our range with them!

Oh, and I mustn't forget to mention that we did the Finders Keepers market in Brisbane - which we loved so much we decided to be at the Sydney edition early this December (hopefully see you there!). 


You may have heard us talk about a little something that is very special to us.. the fact that we are the first subscription candle service in Australia.  This is a little something we like to call The Candle Club.  Candle club members get sent out a special surprise at the beginning of month, something hand selected, something that is new or something that is perfect for the time of year.

To be surrounded by and be able to work alongside so many like minded creatives has made this whole rollercoaster ride even more exciting. There are some particular people  which could not go without a special mention...

  • Angus from Dimes Design for all his flawless efforts in our graphic designs and branding. 
  • Tony from Morgan Printing
  • Tim from Bi-Accident for all his help with packaging
  • The amazing team from 30 Acres for marketing and building our wonderful website. 
  • Our much appreciated help on our first campaign:

...and how could I forget our internal team (which, might I mention has tripled since the birth of The Candle Library. Thank you, thank you!