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October 14 2016


There is something about the hunt for the perfect gifts for your best friends, family, lovers and special someone’s that is especially cathartic.

Whether it is a joke gift or a token of gratitude, gifts should always make your friends laugh or feel sentimental about your in jokes and time spent in each others’ company. 

The best way to give a thoughtful gift is to inject your friends' interests, tastes and memories into it. Scents have the ability to take them to back to another place, at another time and allow them to enjoy that memory over and over again. 

Let a burning candle bring that sense of sentimentality to their space. Bamboo & Green Tea could take you back to that time you went to Japan together, Orange Blossom could remind you of the garden at the house where you grew up and Woodsmoke for all the camping weekends…

The possibilities are endless. It’s time to get Scent-imental. Your friends will love you for it!

Bamboo Green Tea Paddywax CandleWoodsmoke Tatine Candle




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