November 10 2016

Gifts for your Girlfriend

It’s really no secret; girls love candles. Get a present your girlfriend will actually love…. you can’t go wrong with candles. We promise!

Now you’ve made the decision, you’ve now got to choose a scent….or not! Why not get her a Candle Club subscription so a surprise candle arrives at the doorstep each month! That way, the painstaking decision-making is left up to us!

Otherwise, you can narrow it down by taking note of the perfume she wears, the flowers she buys or even the food she likes! Is it Floral and Sweet, Citrus and Fruit, Wood and Spice or Green and Earthy? There’s no chance you won’t find something for her if you put some thought into it!

The stakes are high when buying something your girlfriend will love, so why not go with a failsafe option?

Candle Gifts 

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