August 22 2016

Get Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift he never knew he needed!

Father’s Day is almost here for another year! If your Dad is anything like one of ours, chances are, he’s the hardest person in the world to buy presents for…

If your dad doesn’t fit the easy stereotype, you can’t buy tools for the shed, a new pair of tongs for the Barbie, tech gadgets or car accessories. Father’s Day will most likely end with socks and jocks, or beer, or some random thing that will end up dust covered in the back of the cupboard.

The trick is, to get Dad a present that he thinks he doesn’t need, but actually does…. We’re coming to the rescue this year with our HUGE range of Man Candles. Yes, Man Candles, or Mandles as they’re otherwise known, are a thing.

Man candles are for every man, allowing them to enhance their space at work or at home by customising the scent of his environment with one, or a combination of sophisticated fragrances.

There’s one to suit even the manliest of men, the ideal gift for marking his territory.

We’ve selected our favourite Man Candles to make it easy to get Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift he never knew he needed. It’s a bit different, it’s original and Dad won’t see it coming.

Shop the Father's Day Collection here. You've got 2 weeks!

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