October 19 2016

Flowers for beginner gardeners

Spring is the perfect time of year to start the flower garden you had always dreamed of. 

If you are new to the green thumb gang and eager to give flower parenting a go, try your hand at these fool proof varieties.


    • When: Spring is a perfect time to sow sunflowers seeds all round Australia. 
    • Sun: You want these beauties in full sunlight for at least 6-8 hours of the day (hence the name SUNflowers) 
    • Hint: Keep them out of the wind. 
    • Sprout time: 10-14 days

Image: Pinterest 


    • When:  For the northern half of Australia you can sow marigolds all year round.  The rest of the country you best bet is around Spring time. 
    • Sun: Full sun
    • Hint: Keep them in sunny and well drained position, don't forget to water them!
    • Sprout time: 10-14 days.

Image: Dutch Growers


Sweet Alyssum

    • When: plant these annual flowers in early spring for the best result. 
    • Sun: These flourish in full-sun but they can tolerate some shade too. 
    • Hint: Keep the soil moderately moist. 
    • Sprout time: 15-20 days. 

 Gardening Know How

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