Candles for Christmas!

Out of Christmas gift ideas already? Let us bring you a little extra inspiration. Not only can candles be the perfect Christmas present, they can act as an amazing, delicious centrepiece for a table setting at Christmas. Don’t be afraid to play around with different scents and textures. Use fresh flowers and large green leaves to add a little something extra to your place setting. Group together different sized candles, and show off your Christmas spirit through this simple act of creativity. 

This can be the perfect time of year to bring the scent of the Northern Hemisphere’s spruce or cloves evoking the feeling of cold alpine cottages, turkey dinners and pine Christmas trees! Though if you’re in Australia, you might opt for summer breezes, sea salt scents, tropical fruits or frangipanis!

Whatever you like, there is a candle to match this Christmas! Shop our range of luxury artisan candles, Christmas gift packs and Candle Subscriptions!

Christmas Candles
Summer Candles

Image via Showroom Brisbane