Candle of the Month: Tobacco Flower

Here in Australia, the coming of March is the coming of a new season.  The leaves turn brown and begin to fall from the trees and the temperature starts to decrease.  With these atmospheric changes occurring why not also change the scent burning in your home.  This month, our Candle of the Month is one from our New Classics range.  A scent that has a subtle sweetness reminding of the summer that has just past, whilst also incorporating some woody notes. 

TOBACCO FLOWER is a delicious scent, one with the ability to fill a large space with ease. We discover sweetness from the apple and pear, floral fragrance from the tobacco flower, as well as traces of cedar and oak leaving you with a lingering woody burn.  

The New Classics range is an affordable candle for every day use.  Each candle is hand poured in small batches in our Byron Bay HQ using 100% natural eco soy wax.  The ceramic pots are designed to be re-used, and feature a silicon seal on the lid.  

For the entire month of March, Tobacco Flower will be 30% off!