Candle of the Month: Dixieland Jazz

How has April arrived already?  We are in the middle of Autumn and all it brings, like the cooling of the weather and the ever anticipated Easter weekend. There are some exciting things going on in The Candle Library this month. In April we have some new scents arriving to the warehouse, as well as some additional surprises for our Candle Club members...but for now let's discuss our April Candle of the Month: Dixieland Jazz. 

 This scent was inspired by what we imagined the cologne of a Jazz musician in the early 20th century in New Orleans would smell like.  A mysterious melting pot of wood and spice.  With notes of black pepper, sandalwood, amber & vanilla being freshened up with florals like Ylang Ylang & jasmine and the fruitiness of bergamot, this scent is must have in this cooler months.

Created by the American Museum of National History, April is Jazz Appreciation Month.  In 2012, April 30 was declared as International Jazz Day and is officially recognised by UNESCO and the United Nations.  We did not want to miss an opportunity to celebrate jazz either, so for the entire month of April we will be offering Dixieland Jazz at 30% off! 

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