Candle of the Month: Burnt Caramel

This December will be the icing on top of an incredible year.  December is about celebration, family, friends, Christmas, giving, sharing and eating! Caramel is a scent that brings us to that first mouthful of Christmas dessert, but more recently have we seen the trend of caramel being burnt turning from an "oops!" to a "yesss!"  It has been popping up as a chocolate flavour and on dining menus, which is no surprise seeing as it adds a unique element to an ordinary sweetness, the burnt bitterness is a perfect match to the sugary flavours. 


Cane sugar, cream and butter are taken just a fraction over transforming it into a deep golden caramel crunch, this is burnt caramel.  Combined with a touch of vanilla, this is a pairing to satisfy the late night sweet cravings.  


Burnt Caramel is one of beautiful scents from The Candle Library's very our range 'New Classics'.  Every candle from this range is hand-poured in small batches in our Byron Bay HQ using 100% eco soy wax.  The ceramic pots are also designed to be reused, and feature a silicon seal on the lid.  All December we will be taking 30% off this scent, shop Burnt Caramel here.