Beautiful Bathtubs

It's Friday. It's been a busy week. Heck, it's been a busy year! It's not often enough we indulge ourselves in some real 'me' time.  Not all of us are able to hit the day spa for a mani-pedi-facial-massage extravaganza, but I'll let you in on a secret? Taking a bath is pretty up there on the relaxation scale! 

We aren't the only ones who see the health benefits of a relaxing bath, as in case you weren't is Bathtub Day! 
Turn on that tap, grab your a magazine, play some slow music, light your favourite candle and sit back and relax. 

At the moment, a personal favourite for relaxation is Lavender by P.F Candle Co.  Lavender is used to relieve anxiety, insomnia and depression.  It provides a calming effect and slows the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.