Candle Of The Week: Espresso


The holiday season is over, the NY party poppers have been popped and the nation is slowly returning back to the daily grind. To help shake off the resulting hangovers and get the New Year off to a flying start, this week’s Candle of the Week is Espresso from L’Ascari.


This one is aimed at you boys! Espresso is part of the “Mancandle” range from L’Ascari, so you men can customise your space, whether at work or at home, with this reviving fragrance.


Everybody loves the smell of fresh coffee and L’Ascari have captured this in a masculine glass amber jar. Whether you like your coffee filtered, plunged or espresso, warm, cold drip or iced, this is the perfect candle for you espresso heads out there!


Founded in Melbourne, L’Ascari use traditional artisan methods to hand pour the candles and hand-blend the perfumes. Due to the quality of the fragrance, the consistency of the soy wax used and the natural cotton wicks, L’Ascari candles achieve a stronger and purer scent throw and a cleaner burn.


For all you caffeine fiends, check out our pinterest board here to see how this candle inspired us this week.

Shop the Espresso candle here, or shop the full L’Ascari range here.