Person Of Interest: Amanda Stavropoulos


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Name: Amanda Stavropoulos


Where are you based and what do you do?

I’m based in Sydney, working as the Fashion Editor on the newly launched Australian edition of Who What Wear.


Instagram Handle and Website:



Give us the low-down on your average day?

My average day starts at about 5:20am when I start snoozing my alarm until 5:45am. Then I roll out of bed and into my gym clothes and just make it into a class by 6:30am. I’m at my desk by 8am and then it’s non-stop. The day generally goes past in a blur—always starting by scanning the Internet to see what’s happening in the fashion world and then straight into writing and updating the site. In between writing stories, I’m generally emailing publicists, researching new labels and prepping shoots. I usually leave my desk by 6pm and then it’s on to an event, or home to switch off. My boyfriend and I try to cook together—it gives us an opportunity to hang out and actually speak before we turn on a series (right now, Mr Robot).


How would you describe your personal style?

This is a hard question — I’m surrounded by so many images of stylish and inspiring women each day, so I’m always influenced by something different — I don’t think I have a particular style. If anything, I err on the side of boring.  A lot of white shirts, blue jeans, black silk singlets and single soled heels. Accessories are where I spend all my money. Give me all of the shoes and all of the earrings please. 


What is your favourite scent/smell? (doesn't have to be a candle) 

I didn’t realise until I had our bespoke Who What Wear candle in my hands, but my favourite scent is the Australian bush. One whiff of our Who What Wear candle and I’m sent straight back to my childhood—growing up surrounded by trees, the beach and nature in general. It’s delicious and calming.


What is your top tip for shopping online? 

Google the retailer + ‘discount code’. Sometimes you get lucky!


What 5 things inspire you the most?

My colleagues at Allure Media — why are they all so clever?

Change — I used to be afraid of change, but I think it’s exciting.

Exercise — it keeps my mind fresh. Knowing that I’m taking care of health leaves my mind free for more interesting things.

Instagram — it’s my favourite way to discover new brands and talent.

Spending time away from my desk and just walking and ‘looking up’. I think that’s when all of my best ideas come to me!


What is your favourite holiday destination?

My family is Greek - so it would have to be Greece. Heaven = sitting on a quiet beach in Andros with a cold coffee and Piz Buin in hand.


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow the same career avenue as you?

Make connections. Talk to people and be kind — not because ‘you never know who will end up where’, but because kindness will always pay off. And listen carefully. This industry is always changing and evolving – if you aren’t listening, taking notes and adjusting to change, you’ll be left behind.


Where do you go for a killer cup of coffee?

The Annex in Glebe — it’s my happiest place.


What is your one guilty pleasure that you love too much to give up?

Still watching Friends on repeat while eating the ‘Joey Special’ (two x pepperoni pizzas) at any opportunity.


What is your all-time favourite 90s track?

Easy. Together Again by Janet Jackson.