5 ways to Spring Clean your Life

Hello September! Spring is in the air in the Southern Hemisphere and we couldn’t be happier to emerge from our wintery bunkers, soak up some sunshine and smell fresh blooms.

Spring also means peeling off the winter layers in a cleansing, homely kind of way…..yep, we absolutely LOVE the tradition of Spring Cleaning! Spring Cleaning today comes from an ancient Persian tradition called “Khooneh Tekouni”, literally meaning, “Shaking the House”.

Below, we’ve put together our top 5 ways to Spring Clean all aspects of your life as well as shaking our own house to welcome the warmer months. At The Candle Library, we’ve selected all of our best sellers where we only have one left! We’re clearing the decks for the new season of candles – don’t miss out, there is only one of everything! Shop here!


Top 5 Ways to Spring Clean your Life:

  1. Start with your house! Tackle the most cluttered room first and be ruthless! Out with the old and in with the new. If you haven’t worn or used something within the last 6 months, out it goes!

  2. Spring Clean your work environment. Clear the desk clutter and reset. This includes your inbox. Archive or bulk delete those 3,978 unread emails. If you haven’t read them as soon as you see them, chances are you never will!

  3. Spring Clean your body – use your new found enthusiasm to start a detox cleanse, begin a new exercise regime or quit a winter vice (hot choc, mulled wine, chocolate after dinner, whatever your Achilles heel ;))

  4. Spring Clean your phone! Get those irreplaceable photos off there and backed up pronto. Delete the apps you don’t use and maybe even do a good social media purge of all those people on Facebook that you don’t really even know!

  5. Freshen the stale air around you by opening the windows or burning a last in stock candle from our Spring Cleaning Collection!

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