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May 13 2016

Person Of Interest: We Are Kindred


Lizzie and Georgie are the siblings, best friends and kindreds behind the Australian label, We Are Kindred.


The Renkert sisters have a strong grounding in the fashion business, with over 30 years’ of collective experience, the sisters’ deep respect for one another’s individual aesthetic informs an offering of effortless modern luxury, with a touch of feminine bohemia.


With their first ever Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia show fast approaching, The Candle Library had the pleasure of chatting to the lovely sisters about a few of their favourite things.




Instagram Handle and Website: @wearekindred www.wearekindred.com.au


Both of you have lovely, yet different, personal style - how would you describe your personal style?

Georgie is more free-flowing and bohemian and I’m (Lizzie) a little more structured and classic.

Having said that, now that we spend so much time together, our styles are melding.

We often turn up to work in not only the same dress, but the same shoes as well!


What is your favorite scent?

Gardenias, always.


At the end of a long day I always…

Collapse into bed with a cup of warm macha. 


Where do you find your main source of inspiration?

Flowers and interiors-inspired prints tend to be where we start.

Working with a beautiful colour palette is the first step in our creative process. 


Describe each other, in three words

Lizzie on Georgie… I’ll give you four… beautiful, loyal, accepting and fun/ny.

Georgie on Lizzie..I’m going for four too! generous, hilarious, gorgeous and organised


The movie I could watch over and over is...

For Lizzie, it’s Pretty Woman because I’ve always loved it. It’s one of those timeless movies. 

For Georgie, it’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona - she’s not a huge watcher of movies, but this one struck a chord long ago. 



When did you last cry of laughter? 

Last week at the office.

Sometimes it all gets so overwhelming as we have so much to do, that we burst into laughter. 


Do you have a signature scent? 

I change it up a fair bit. My favorite scent for the past year has been Amber by Aerin Lauder. 


What does your ideal Sunday consist of? 

It’s all about family.


For Lizzie, Sunday morning are full of cuddles and rumbles. Our bubbas, Luella, 4 and Max, 2, sleep in bed with my Husband and I on Saturday nights as a special treat.


Sundays are sacred as they’re the only day of the week we’re together as a family - we all love being at home, so unless we have somewhere we need to be, home is where you’ll find us. 


You recently collaborated with TCL on a custom candle for your MBFWA show and to compliment your upcoming collection, how did you decide on the PEONY scent?


Peony’s are one of my favourite flowers.

My birthday is in November, which is peony season. They’re also a marker for the beginning of summer so conjure happy memories. 


Coolest person to like one of your pictures on Instagram (@wearekindred)

AERIN Lauder 


Your most treasured wardrobe item? 

My handbag collection from my days working in magazines is pretty great and I love that I’ll be able to pass them on to Luella when she’s older. 


Thanks Ladies! x

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