Person of Interest: Mayde Tea


Mayde Tea is the creation of Kate Dalton who, 3 years ago, set out on an altruistic goal to heal and nourish our bodies through her handmade, organic herbal teas.


“I started it within the first couple of years studying naturopathy, whilst experiencing the magic that was herbal medicine. I now have a few people working for me to help with running the ‘behind the scenes’ while I try and remain the first point of contact and looking after my wholesale accounts!”


Kate has carved her own path in the market by combining her knowledge of herbal medicine with unique blends that use 100% organic ingredients and are free of nasty chemicals and anything artificial.


“I create the different blends based on common ailments that people frequently might see a naturopath for. I’ve created a digestion blend, anxiety blend and one that helps to reduce sugar cravings. I’ve made a few fun ones too, like to aid my obsession with the flavour of choc mint, so I made a tea this flavour, but of course using only natural, organic herbs and spices! Whenever I find a particular ailment is coming up often in clinical practice I get my inspiration for my next blend from that, knowing that it is hopefully going to go out there and relieve some symptoms for some lovely tea drinkers.”


It’s as if Kate has created magic potions with incredible curative powers and all in a humble cup of her enchanting tea. But this is something that has been brewing within her for some time as she realised her passion for herbal teas at a young age. 


“When I was as young as about 12 I started drinking a lot of herbal tea! I’ve always loved the ritual of drinking tea throughout the day, it’s the best excuse to slow down and mindfully take some time out for yourself. I remember always asking my mum when I was really young why she drank tea, I didn’t get it, don’t you just drink when you’re thirsty?! As soon as I started studying herbal medicine I realised why I loved it so much, the therapeutic benefits of medicinal herbs is just the most beautiful thing- and you can access these benefits just from steeping it in hot water. I’ve had such good results personally from having herbal tea regularly in my diet, and I receive emails daily from people thanking me for the product I’ve created, and how much it’s helped relieve their symptoms, it’s the best feeling ever!”


With such a vast selection of enticing blends, we wanted the inside scoop on Kate’s favourite tea.


“I get asked this so much and it’s so hard to answer! I think at the moment it’s the rooibos turmeric chai. I always need a little something after dinner, and this is my go-to every night with a little coconut milk.”


One of the most beautiful things about Kate’s products is the time, care and love that is put into every hand made batch of tea. In fact, the entire sentiment behind the brand is one filled with admiration and love.


“May is my great grandmas middle name, which I also got as my middle name. My great grandma’s son is my granddad who was my rock my entire life. He has sadly passed on, but I wanted the name to live on as long as I could. So by having the name come up about 100 times a day I am reminded of the incredible person he was and I feel like he is watching this journey of mine. I also wanted the name to represent that it is a hand made product as that is very important to me!”


The care taken to heal human ailments is mirrored in the care taken to ensure that Kate’s product is as environmentally conscious as possible. When asked if Kate considered her brand to be environmentally conscious her response was definite.


“Absolutely. I only use packaging that can be recycled and that was essential when designing my packaging. Plastics and their byproducts are littering the environment and causing more of a problem to human and animal health than we think. It’s so important to raise this awareness, we only get one chance at keeping this world beautiful!”


The packaging compliments the brand ethos in a perfectly circular way - the recycled packaging has minimal impact on the Earth from which the organic ingredients within the packaging grow.


“I had the lovelies at Smack Bang Designs work on my branding for me. I had the exact vision in my head of what I wanted Mayde Tea to look like, and they produced it perfectly. The bouquet design on the box is of some of my favourite medicinal herbs; lavender, jasmine, chamomile and calendula. I wanted the packaging to represent that the ingredients come from the earth, and are in their most pure, organic form.”


Starting her own business brought its own challenges, particularly as Kate had little previous business experience. But Kate is a go-getter and she took each day as it came.


“Basically the entire first two years were pretty tough, but also very fun and fulfilling! I didn’t come from a business background whatsoever; I didn’t realise that running the business wasn’t just about making tea all day ;) There were so many legal requirements I spent hours researching to make sure I was doing the right thing. I never had a business plan or expectations on the brand, I have just let it grow organically- that way I couldn’t be happier with where it is at!”


Going forward, there are big things on the Horizon for Kate, but she is in no rush to get there and these plans are currently still tiny dots on that horizon.


“I’m really enjoying where the brand is at this moment, so much so I don’t feel many drastic changes in the short term. Within the next 2 years or so I’d love to open a naturopathy clinic and take consultations, with my tea being the main focus of the attached shop front. No plans are set but it’s definitely a dream of mine that I’ve had for my whole naturopathy journey, which I have a pretty good feeling about!”


Byron Bay has become an epicentre for start up, creative businesses. It’s as if there is something in the water, and everything that is special about the Byron lifestyle is reflected in the products that cultivate here.


“The love in the community here just blows me away. The support I have received to help my brand grow has just filled me with more gratitude than I knew possible! I started the business in Sydney and I have no doubt Mayde Tea is predestined to be in Byron! I think the lifestyle of slowing down, mindfully taking some time out, and utilizing the best of natures’ resources should be applied wherever you live, but I guess it definitely suits the wonderful nurturing lifestyle we live here.”


When Kate is not healing people, running her own business or drinking tea, how does she spend her down time? 


“In nature, at the beach, practicing yoga and surrounding myself with the beautiful souls I’m lucky enough to call my closest friends up here.


I’d have to say if you come to Byron you must head to creature yoga, check out the waterfalls, climb Mt Warning and have lunch at Doma Cafe in federal.”


Thanks for your time Kate! xx

Find out more about Mayde Tea head over her to Kate's website here.