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April 13 2016

Person Of Interest: Jason Grant


Jason Grant is a renowned Stylist, Author and Creative Consultant based in Bondi, Sydney. His interior styling work has been featured in an array of established magazines including Inside Out, Sunday Style, Belle, Vogue Living, Australian House and Garden to name but a few.


Jason’s work goes beyond styling for the camera as he works on bespoke interior projects in residential and commercial spaces, not to mention having published two books that disclose handy hints and tips to help create your own relaxed and laid back decorating style (with a third on the way in 2016).


Jason managed to take 5 out of his daily hustle to answer an array of questions and the results were as follows:


Instagram Handle and website:

http://www.mrjasongrant.com       @mr_jason_grant


Give us the low-down on your average day.

Well I guess there is no average day…I may be working on, or preparing for, an advertising or magazine shoot, working on my brand (which involves a million different things) or working on my new book or my blog. I also travel often and of course I’m always instagraming. I never get bored because of the constant variety. Everyday is awesome!


How would you describe your personal style?

Relaxed, laid back and casual. I’m most comfortable barefoot in shorts in the sunshine - this is reflected in my style for decorating and design also.


What 3 things do you draw most inspiration from?

I love nature, travel and history.


What is your favourite type of interior to style? 

I’m a fan of homes with heart and soul that reflect the owner’s personality. If I’m styling a home for a magazine, I never ship in lots of new things, usually just a bunch of flowers and maybe a few accessories if needed. I like things to be authentic and not staged.

If I’m working with a residential client, I work rather organically giving them an edit or options and try not to impose my style but help and guide them to establish their own style and confidence. It’s a journey and creating your own style is always the end goal. 


What is the next interior styling trend you see taking off? 

I’m not a fan of pushing trends. I say get on board with something you love and ignore the ones you don’t like. It’s about finding your own style and creating a home over time, not just having the latest or the newest items.


What one piece of furniture/home décor should everyone own?

A really big comfortable sofa and a big dining table, the perfect social spaces to hang out, relax and/or entertain.


What is your top tip to bring new life to a dated room?

Move stuff around  - change is as good as a holiday, and treat yourself and your home to some flowers, they need not be expensive but they always make you smile.


What would you say is the most overused phrase or cliché in interior styling? 

Perhaps not a word but a tendency to create perfection - oddly for a stylist I don’t like things that are over styled or over done, less is more. I like to keep things loose. 


What is the one book any aspiring interior stylist should read (in addition to your own books of course)?

Ha ok (I do have a third in the pipeline). I love books by Kelly Wearstler and Karen McCartney and currently I’m loving the books "Cabin Porn" as my dream home is a cabin close to the beach and bush, “Do It Yourself” - the ultimate inspiration for designer DIY and "Indoor Green” as I’m obsessed with indoor plants.


What was the best advise you ever received?

Believe in your dreams (but work hard to make them happen).


Are you a regular or sporadic candle burner?

Candles always and often are burnt at home.


Do you have a signature scent?

Hmmm I’m always partial to anything, but I like citrus and fresh scents and I also love fig and vetiver scents.


What effect can a candle have on the ambience of different rooms? Is there a right and wrong time/place to burn a candle?

A candle is a clever decorating item, it creates ambience visually with its glow and also helps you decorate with your nose - the power of scent cannot be underestimated.


Are there particular scents that suit some spaces better than others? Can you give us an example?

Decorate with what you love and use scents you love. 


If you could capture the scent of any location in the world, what would it be and why? 

A combination of Bondi, Byron and Palms Springs - my favourite places. It would be fresh, uplifting and smell like summer by the water (poolside and ocean).


What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

You can do it! Just have confidence.


Thanks Jason! x

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