Candle Of The Week: Woodsmoke


Take a walk back through the forest to your log cabin with a miniature chimney is billowing smoke. The scent of wood smoke is carried in the wind for miles and you can’t wait to huddle around the wood burner with friends and family.



There is nothing better than when the living room air smells of charred kindling and the popping and cracking of red-hot logs makes you jump in your oversized knit. The warm glow is not only homely but also enchanting to watch, as the flames dance to their own beat.


But don’t fret, you don’t need a log cabin and a wood burner to create this fairytale scene…all you need is a Woodsmoke candle.


Part of the Garden & Forrest Infusion range from Chicago brand Tatine, this scent is inspired by seasonal and sensual botanicals. Notes of cedar moss, fir and tree resin are dominant, with smokey kindling, natural cove and fir needle oils coming through on the burn.


Made by blending perfume and essential oils into vegetable soy wax and poured in to a heavy weight, green glass container, this candle is rooted in nature.


Shop Woodsmoke here and shop the full Tatine range here.

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